Way Overdue

I know this is way overdue, but I am so glad I started this blog as a way to try and document what’s going on in our lives with the two little ones.  I had dreams of keeping up with my journal (manually), writing down my memories as they happened and hopefully handing it over to the girls one day, but unfortunately that is just not happening.  Tell me – you are given an hour or so of free time while the girls are napping, you have a mountain of laundry to do, phone calls to make about the seemingly endless lab bills still coming in, and baby stuff scattered all over the house.  Not to mention after getting up 3 times during the night, the babies got up for the day at 6:30, and you are exhausted out of your wits.  Do you really think you will reflect in your journal?  I didn’t think so.

I often wonder how much it would cost to hire my own personal Starbucks barista to just keep the Soy Cinnamon Dolce latte’s flowing throughout the day.  For some reason I think it would be worth it.  

So from now on I am going to try and record all of my thoughts and memories here on this blog.  Thanks to my friend Vanessa, another twin mom, for giving me the idea.  She has one for her family and I love reading all of the new things they are experiencing, so I figured our family and friends would like to take a peek into our world as well.  You can expect stories, pictures, and maybe some videos.  Apparently my camcorder is not compatible with my Mac – well actually it will be once I purchase some component.  I have no idea.  Isn’t everything supposed to be compatible with a Mac?  Whatever.

So please enjoy the blogs and feel free to leave me comments!

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  1. I am so glad you are doing this! But, when will you have time? You are so blessed! I will look forward to hearing the latest stories and seeing the latest pics of all your angels….Christian too!

  2. Wonderful!! Pops & I can now be "in the loop" with a daily dose of our sweet gggirls. Chris says he hopes your husband knows how lucky he is…we hope you know how lucky we are to have the two of you plus the bonus of Rachel & Claire in our family. Love U (all 4)

  3. Grandpa and I think this is a really terrific idea! Can’t wait till we can come down and see the girls (and you guys) again. Love you all.

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