Babies First Art Exhibit

Last Sunday (Sept 14th) was Austin Museum Day – one of my favorite times of year, when all of the museums in town are free for the day, and most of them have special exhibits going on.  Despite the fact that we were supposed to have horrible rain thanks to Hurricane Ike, it was a beautiful day.  The plan was to head downtown kind of early, visit the Austin Museum of Art, and then find a nice place downtown to have some lunch.  Well, as most of you know, having a baby makes you perpetually late.  And having two babies makes you double late.  So by the time we left the house it was already time for lunch, so we stopped at Whole Foods downtown, since they have a huge selection of take-out food stands there.  Did I mention that the Whole Foods downtown is crazy busy?  All the time?  There’s almost no flow to the store, so people are just coming at you from all directions, and it’s not easy to maneuver a double stroller in there.  But lunch was good.  Not $23 good, but still good.  The best part was when Claire pooped and I changed her in the trunk of my car in the parking garage.  There was no was in hell I was going back in that store just to change a diaper.

Next we headed to the museum.  We found a good parking spot, then decided to take a detour up to the capitol and feed the girls on the capitol lawn.  

As Christian found a spot under a tree, I went into the capitol to get some water for the girls’ bottles.  It had been a while since I had been there, and I totally forgot how beautiful it is inside.  There’s something about old buildings that fascinate me.  It’s also amazing to think of all the politics that occur in that building every day.  I can’t imagine working in politics.  And I don’t think any of you would want me to.  Anyway, we spread out our things in the grass, fed the girls, and had a little playtime.

Then it was time to head to the museum, where we received horrifying news:  we had to leave our beloved double stroller outside!  Figures, since Rachel had just fallen asleep.  But luckily the girls aren’t that heavy yet, so we carried them through the exhibit.  They got to see some lovely works of art by Renior, Degas, Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso!  Well, they actually only made it through the first few paintings before they fell asleep.  But in the museum a woman stopped us and told us that she had twins also.  They were 15, and when she called them over I was amazed – these girls looked EXACTLY alike.  It was incredible.  I guess that’s what we are in for in a few years.
I absolutely love museum day.  Just think – next year we will have some little toddlers, and I’m sure we’ll be headed to the Austin Children’s Museum then!  It was a perfect day!

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