October, You’re Pretty Cool.

Know what time it is?  It’s time for the most awesome month of the year!  Here are the top ten reasons why October kicks butt.

10.  It starts to cool off from being 99 degrees by 9 am to being only 90 degrees by maybe noon.  Still hot, but we Texans call it “chilly.”

9.  Even though it’s not really cold, it feels like time to put away the sandals and break out the sweaters and boots.

8.  Brown and orange. 

7.  Pumpkin patches.

6.  Somewhere in the US (albeit not here in Texas) it looks like this:

5.  Spooky things.

4.  Um…my birthday.  Duh. 

3.  October 1, 2007 – the day our lives changed.  The day I found out I was pregnant.  And to think I just thought I was going crazy.

2.  October 18, 2007 – the day our loves REALLY changed.  It went a little something like this:
     Dr. Binford: “There’s a good strong heartbeat…..and there’s another one……”
     Us: “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

1.  Candy!!!!!

Ok so maybe candy is not really number one, but it’s definitely up there.  October in Austin is awesome.  Nice, cool(er), breezy.  But the month of October is forever emblazoned in our brains as the month that we not only found out we were expecting, but that we were expecting twins.  Ironically, I didn’t have any morning sickness until the day I took the test. Having just run 4 miles at the gym (I was training for a Thanksgiving day 8 kilometer race for our visit to North Carolina – that was quickly scrapped), I just thought I was a little carsick and needed some food in me. Ooooooh noooooo!  My hand shook like a leaf as I took the positive test into Christian and burst into tears.  Yes, we had been trying ever since our trip to Mexico a month prior (aptly dubbed “Operation Insemination”), but I was terrified.  A baby? A little thing for which I was to be responsible?  For those of us who did not play too much “Mommy” to baby dolls growing up or who did not always feel the maternal instinct, making the decision to have children is an immense one, and a terrifying one.  Am I ready?  Is this what I want?  Can we afford this?  Will we still be able to do the things we love?  

The answers were, of course, mixed.  When it came down to it, yes, I was ready, and I had to be ready a lot sooner than I expected to be.  Yes, it was what we wanted.  As soon as we saw the positive test I felt different, as if I were carrying a miniscule pot of precious gold in my tummy.  Little did I know we had hit the jackpot.  Financially?  Well you don’t realize how much extra spending you did before you had kids until your household income is cut in half and your spending is forced to increase due to diapers, wipes, formula (although we are lucky to only have to use this sparingly), and clothes for 2, not to mention outrageous gas prices and increasing grocery prices. And no, we don’t always still get to do the things we love.  Movies are out, at least in the theatre, and restaurants are iffy.  We had to speed eat through our 6 year anniversary dinner due to tired, cranky, ready for bed time babies.  

But of course, hindsight is 20/20.  I cannot imagine life without my crazy little munchkins, who are teething (somewhat happily) and have discovered the ability to let loose high pitched, ear splitting shrieks.  What’s funnier is that I cannot imagine life with only one of them.  Rachel would not be Rachel without Claire, and Claire would not be Claire without Rachel.  And I would not be me without them.

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  1. So the girls are beginning to teethe. That must be a lark for a nursing mom!! It's unbelievable that time is passing so quickly. They'll be crawling, sitting and walking before we know it.
    October..Queen of Twins birthday;
    November..first Hallowe'en
    for Rachel & Claire;
    December..First Christmas
    with the girls.
    Life gets sweeter & dearer every day.

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