Size Does Matter

Sometimes when we see the babies every day we tend not to realize how fast they are growing.  As Little Miss Nostalgia, I kept some of their first outfits worn in the NICU and put them in little memory boxes, along with some of their other NICU memorabilia.  Above is one of Claire’s first onesies that she wore in the NICU, next to one that she wears now (and is soon to outgrow!).  Believe it or not, this little onesie swallowed her in the beginning.  

Here is Rachel’s first onesie that says “SWEET.”  And when you say it, it’s not like a sweet little puppy dog.  It’s like “SWEEEEET!”  Think Ashton Kutcher in “Dude, Where’s My Car?”  And I’m not proud to say that I saw that movie.  Anyways, there’s not as much of a difference here, but it’s Carter’s brand, and they run a little big. As you can see in the picture on the right, she was swimming in it.  It was a sad day when they outgrew these outfits.  🙁

Claire’s NICU souveniers:  Her Longhorn hat, isolette label, hospital bracelet, labels for breast milk bottles, her eye mask from when she sat under the bilirubin lights, her blood pressure cuff, and the little cuff that went on her foot to measure her oxygen levels.  Rachel’s souveniers: Her oxygen cuff, isolette label, and 2 blood pressure cuffs.  For some reason she didn’t make out with as much stuff when she left.

I took some preemie clothes to a new twin mom this morning whose boys were born at 28 weeks and 4 days.  Talking to her brought back all kinds of NICU memories.  I know how anxious she was to get up and see her babies, be there for the feedings, and do Kangaroo Care with them.  The good thing was I could show her the end result – two healthy, smiling babies almost 7 months later.  How soon we forget the trials we went through.  And I have no idea why I have been so reminiscent these days.  Life with 2 almost 7 month olds is much better than life with 2 babies in the hospital.

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