Buddies, Booze, and Babies. In That Order?

Where were we a year ago?  Well for one thing I was still in my 20’s.  But I digress.  As I looked around the room at my latest birthday gathering of close friends, I realized how much has really changed.  When we first started hanging out with our circle of friends (a group of neighbors that we were graciously annexed into despite the fact that we snubbed them for a house in a different neighborhood), it was a beerfest just about every weekend.  It was like college all over again, complete with migrating from one house to the next, much like we used to do in the dorm.  Going out for happy hour at the last minute.  Staying up and playing poker until the wee hours of the morning. Nooooo….not anymore.  This year’s festivities included good friends and decent beer, but there was something different.  Actually there were 4 somethings named Addy, Avery, Claire, and Rachel.  Every party is a baby party now, and instead of having a beer in each hand, we actually have to PUT DOWN THE BEER and entertain our babies.  What the heck?

Seriously though.  One day we are happily hanging out, and then we blinked and we have added 4 children to the mix.  Talk about work or gossip about each other turned into describing the color and consistency of Rachel’s last poop.  Screaming about that absurd play during the Texas game turned to shushing because the babies are sleeping in the next room. Trips to Mexico have now become trips to Disney World…..in like 5 or 6 years.   The staying up too late and drinking too much?  Well who wants to get drunk when you know you have to get up at 3 am to nurse babies?  Besides, I value my sleep waaaaaaay too much to have it affected in any way by alcohol.  Although it would help them sleep…….Just kidding.  Don’t call CPS on me please.

Ahhhh, Mexico.

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  1. That is really funny. I like to think of Avery as ‘Summer Vacation 2008’. Okay, she is the opposite of a vacation, but it is what we spend our 2008 vacation budget on. And I would take her over a trip to Mexico anyday. But the beach and a magarita would be nice…

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