Bye Bye October

Alas, my favorite month is ending.  But we went out with a bang!  We started cereals, which we seem to love, and we had our first Halloween!  It’s easy to see why I love October so much.
One of my favorite pics, in our Halloween t-shirts and our Halloween hats from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Scott (and cousins Madi and Tristan)

Visiting the pumpkin patch.

Messy faces!

Little white mice.  You know, some people say that white mice are the smartest creatures on Earth…..I’m just saying…

The girls and their posse.  Baby posse that is.  Don’t cross ’em.  Especially when it’s time to eat!

You can clearly see why October is our favorite month!  I can’t imagine what things will be like next year!  I’m already starting to think about their costumes…..fairies anyone?

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  1. Beautiful memories you’ve shared with us are just priceless. We always hoped
    for twins. After 61 years of marriage, we finally got them. Truly a blessing!

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