You Know You’re a Mom When…

  • You find yourself at the sink scrubbing poop out of a onesie
  • You get spit up on multiple times throughout the day, and have yet to change your shirt…and a part of you really doesn’t care
  • The last clothes you bought for yourself were maternity clothes, yet your babies have a closet full of things with the tags still on
  • Your house is a complete mess, but you still know that there is a pacifier on the dining room table, in between that pile of unopened mail and the folded, not yet put away laundry.
  • Baby stuff. Everywhere.
  • You wake up in the glider at 3 am with a sleeping baby on your lap and ask yourself, “How long have I been here? When did she stop eating?”
  • Make-up? What’s that?
  • You can’t wait to redeem your Pampers Points for a “free” toy that you still have to pay $9.95 shipping and handling for. The damn thing probably wasn’t even worth that much.
  • You catch yourself dancing and singing Milli Vanilli’s “Girl You Know It’s True” because it’s the only thing that gets them to stop crying. Or maybe you just like the song.
  • You live by the DVR.
  • You use baby wipes to clean just about everything in your house.
  • You have to choose between eating, taking a shower, or taking a nap, and taking a nap usually wins out. Hands down.
  • You haven’t showered in 3 days because of the above point.
  • You recount to your husband every aspect of the babies’ day, even if it’s not that exciting. You: “We went on a walk today!” Him: “Oh……uh… interesting…”
  • You get excited about all milestones, big and small.
  • You live for moments like this:

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  1. OK…I just got to watch the video and it is too cute! Look at them all giggly at each other…precious!

  2. You and I need to go to the mall. So you can get a new outfit and when people assume I am the Dad I can say, “No, I’m gay.” and make them feel awkward.

    It’s a win/win.

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