Sleepless in Sickland

Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade, but we have had two hellish weekends here at the Torres casa.  Oh life was so grand for about a week or so, during which both babies slept through the night, not waking until 6 or later, giving me some much needed rest.  For a little bit there I was ironically disappointed that I didn’t feel like I needed to lay down and snooze when they took their morning nap.  I admit, it was one of my favorite times of the day.  But I digress.  So then all of the sudden we have got the night waking again.  

It started last weekend, when I went in to check on the babies before I went to sleep, and caught a strong poo odor coming from Claire’s crib.  There was an internal struggle going on in my head.  She’s dead asleep – do I let her sleep, even though something tells me she will end up waking up in the middle of the night, upset that she is festering in her own waste?  Or do I get her out of bed to put her in a fresh diaper, even though it may mean we have trouble getting her back to sleep?  We ended up getting her out of bed, taking her into the dark living room, and double-teaming the stinky diaper to get it done as quickly and least invasively as possible.  She barely even woke up, and as soon as we were done she melted onto Christian’s shoulder and went back to sleep like a champ.  Then Rachel woke up around 3 or 4 with a soaking wet diaper and jammies.  I don’t know who ever thought that footed jammies that snap together were a good idea, but that person should be shot.  Well maybe not shot, but at least given a stern talking to.  You just try snapping up jammies on a sleepy, yet still crying and kicking baby on your living room floor with your light on the dimmest setting, lest you wake her up even more than she already is.  Not easy.  She ends up looking like that crazy kid at school who could never line their buttons up right on their shirt.  Ok, imaybe I was that crazy kid once or twice. Whatever.  And I know, yes I know, that all of the sleep books and pediatricians and veteran moms advise to try putting your baby back to sleep without feeding her, or else she will develop a night waking habit when in essence, she doesn’t really need to be fed.  I mean, she can and has slept 12 hours before without eating, including nights when I have heard her wake up, babble a little, then go back to sleep.  But nooooooo….not once she’s out of bed. Okay, I admit, I’m tired too, and it is just so much easier for me to feed her a little in order to get her sleepy.  15 minutes of feeding and soothing to sleep versus an hour of attempting, only to have her wake up again as soon as I put her back in bed?  You be the judge.

Ok so that was really only one waking for me, but after a week of a full night’s sleep, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was hoping it was an isolated incident.  But low and behold, here we come the next night.  Claire woke up around 11 or so (very unusual) and was very inconsolable.  That’s when we noticed she had a tooth coming in.  Yea for her, but not yea for how the rest of the night went.  Since we couldn’t get her to calm down, I tried to feed her, and then laid down with her in our bed.  Maybe it’s because they are getting so much bigger and more aware of their surroundings, but they really don’t sleep that well with me anymore.  They just end up twitching and kicking me in the pooch (my big, soft, courtesy of the girls belly) the whole time.  So after a very restless couple of hours she woke up again, maybe because she couldn’t get comfortable, but also because she was burning up.  They say that teething can cause them to run a slight fever, but I really think it was because she was wearing thick jammies with a onesie underneath.  It was getting pretty cold that night, and we bundled them up because their room gets freezing cold, thanks to a huge, heat losing single pane window in their room.  So I basically stripped her down and she laid there in our bed playing with her paci and giggling at the fan.  Like we had nothing better to do at 1 in the morning.  I don’t know what happened the rest of the night because it was all a blur. Something to the effect that as soon as I got her back to sleep, I heard Rachel wake up, so I think I had to pass C on to big C and go take care of her.  And for some reason I think I ended up sleeping with her on the couch, again getting kicked in the gut the whole time.  The fact that I don’t even remember what happened means it was bad.  Really really bad.

So every night this week we have continued with the night wakings because they are soaking through their diapers and jammies, and on top of that, they are very often night poopers. Fun fun.

A cold front blew in on Thursday night, and by Friday evening I was feeling rotten. Headache, sinus pressure, stuffy nose. the works.  No fever, thank goodness.  Christian got it too, but not the babies, again, thank goodness.  But getting up at 3 am to change and feed babies who, although you bought overnight diapers that don’t leak, have still not gone back to their 12 hour sleeping, is really really hard when you feel like crap.  My head hurt, my nose hurt, even my teeth hurt.  We both spent the whole weekend in a kleenex covered fog.

So now it’s Monday, and I’m feeling much better, despite just getting banana flavored cereal spit up on me just seconds ago.  Thanks Rach. 

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  1. You crack me up!! I am so sorry you are sick and not sleeping through the night. As I type this at 5:50 am and have been up since 3:15! Berkeley wouldn’t sleep so she is in our bed, kicking me in the belly and fed Zoey at 3:15 to wake up again at 5:00 becuase she spit up!!! FUN FUN!!:o)

  2. Didn't it once cross your mind that the little angels were overly excited about their anticipated trip to Big D to see Mimi & Pop? They were perfect once they got here.

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