Lunch N’ Munch

We have a shiny new tradition that we’ve slowly started in the Torres Fam.  Let me enlighten you.  

As most of you can imagine (or you other twin moms can attest to), going out to dinner is pretty hard with twin 10 month olds (did I just say that? Are they really 10 months now?). They are on an awesome schedule, with baths starting at 6:30ish, and they are usually in bed by 7 or 7:15.  Christian and I work like a well oiled machine to get the whole process done in about 30 minutes, and then we start making our own dinner.  The only problem with being on an awesome schedule is that when you deviate from the schedule, they go a little nuts. We’ve tried going out to dinner and pushing their bed time back a little, most recently with Nana and Grandpa when they were here for Christmas, and it fell just short of disaster.  I couldn’t keep the Baby Mum Mums flowing fast enough, and they started to meltdown only about 4 bites into my Firebowl Cafe chicken fried rice.  So disappointing.  And although we love going out to eat, we are a little unwilling to go get dinner at 5:30 in order to make it home for the 6:30 bath. We will try again, but for now,we must find a way around this!

So enter the new tradition.  Every Friday the girls and I now get all dressed up (which for me means jeans and a shirt with maybe only one spit up stain on it) and go meet Christian for lunch.  It’s Friday, my favorite day, because the weekend is coming and we can spend it together, and Christian uses this day to take a longer lunch with us.  We usually try to go to an actual restaurant, like TGI Friday’s or Chili’s, now that the girls sit in high chairs.  We order, feed them while we’re waiting for our food, then we eat, and then the girls fall asleep in the car on the way home.  How perfect could it get? 

Two Fridays ago, on the 23rd, we met at the Arboretum, a big outdoor shopping center with a huge lawn area and fountain.  It’s the home of my favorite sub shop, Thundercloud Subs, which was absolutely and incredibly delicious (Scott, I hope you are reading this and your mouth is watering).  Since the January day was more like May, we sat on the lawn, which always has perfect grass so you don’t even need a blanket, ate our sandwiches, (which again were massively delectable), and then fed the girls their lunch of peas and brown rice and yogurt with fruit and wheat germ, followed up by some Baby Mum Mums.  It was so nice out and now we are all itching for spring! There were families and kids everywhere, and we even ran into another couple with boy/girl twins who were 13 months old.  We had the preemie discussion, because we each noticed that the others’ babies were smaller than normal for their age.  Then as we were parting ways, the mom smiled at the girls and said, “Well you guys sure are handsome! Handsome little boys!”  WHAT?????  Okay, so they weren’t wearing head to toe pink, but some on!  A white shirt that says I LOVE MOMMY in pastels and a red shirt that says PERFECT, also in pastels, both with puffy sleeves and little bows at the neck?  I knew I should have grabbed their hair ribbons before I left, but seeing as having twins makes me perpetually late, I had to do without this day.  Geez! Poor, lady though.  She had to have been embarrassed.  

This past Friday we met at Trudy’s, a yummy Mexican food restaurant that I have not been to in forever, but thanks to our good friends the Mussey’s, who gave me a gift card for my birthday, we got to go enjoy their yummy lunch buffet.  This worked out a little differently because we didn’t have to order and wait for food.  So we each went to the buffet, but ended up feeding the girls (who were dressed in unmistakable girl clothes this time) before we ate, all the while looking longly at our plates of piping hot enchiladas, rice and beans, tacos, migas….seriously, if you’re going to gorge yourself, do it there.  And make sure to top it off with some cherry cobbler.  But after they finished eating they just hung out in their high chairs eating Cheerios and playing with their toys, and by playing with their toys I mean throwing them on the floor over and over again so that we could stop our gorging and pick them up over and over again.  At some point I have a revelation that the more I continue to pick them up, the more they will continue to throw them on the floor.  From then on the toys remain on the floor, the babies don’t care, and I can continue cramming cherry cobbler into my face. Everyone is happy.

On the way home, Rachel babbles incessantly about how much fun they had at lunch, and within 5 minutes they are both fast asleep.  Score!

Rachel has a whole bag of chips to herself, so I don’t know why she’s so upset.  Maybe she’s still reeling from being called a handsome boy.

Claire enjoying a mouthful of yogurt and fruit.

Posing on the lawn at the Arboretum.

Sharing is caring! A little after-lunch play at Trudy’s.

Yes, Christian normally looks at me like I am a crazy woman.

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  1. Fri..days must be fun days! We never really know when childhood memories start, but Clare and Rachel will surely have many “I remember when” stories to share.

  2. The lady must of needed her vision checked. Don’t worry they don’t look like boys. A shirt with “I am not a boy.” might not have even worked. Take care. Steph

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