Money Saving Tips

Everyone knows that with kids, you have to look for ways to save, and sometimes you have to be a little creative.  This weekend I came across two great ways to save money. They might be a little risky, or what some might call taboo, but they saved us a grand total of $16.40 this weekend!  Check it out!

Tip #1
Location: Firebowl Cafe
Strategy: Twin Confusion Distraction Attack
How to Apply: Enter restaurant with not one, but two sets of twins, one adult aged, and one baby aged (duh, these were ours).  You step away to grab high chairs and a table while Dad orders food, making sure to distract cashier with super cute baby in his arms while one of the adult twins flashes super cute baby’s twin.  She will almost definitely forget to ring up the second meal that Dad orders.  Make sure it’s yours.  When everyone else’s food comes, look disappointedly around the table and then back at the waiter with sad puppy dog eyes.  He will ask you what you had, and you will tell him that you were with your hubby, and you ordered sesame chicken.  He will then bring you a steaming bowl of sesame chicken goodness.  On the house.  
Amount saved: $8

Tip #2
Location: HEB
Strategy: Sunday Rush Grocery Checkout Attack
How to Apply: This one is fairly simple, but it may not always work.  It helps if you have a cashier who has a huge tattoo on his forearm in the shape of the state of Texas, with “Texas Born, Texas Bred” inscribed in letters that are a bit too girly for him.  It also helps if you can tell that he’s not really looking to be cashier of the month.  In the middle of all of your groceries, tell him that you need a book of stamps.  He will acknowledge your request, but he won’t want to stop the speedy conveyer belt, lest all the groceries start to pile up, so he’ll tell himself that he will ring up the stamps at the end.  Now it’s not necessary, but you can try distracting him with your baby(ies) here too, but he’s likely so focused on his grocery scanning that he won’t notice.  Plus he’s like 23 with a “Texas Born, Texas bred” tattoo on his forearm, so he probably couldn’t care less about the cuteness in your arms.  Anyway, as you are leaving, you tell him he forgot to give you the book of stamps you asked for.  Done.
Amount saved: $8.40

Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone stealing!!!  I can’t count how many times I have stuck something in the storage compartment of my double stroller while shopping, missed it as I was paying for my items, found it as I was loading things in the car, and then gone back inside to pay for it.  In both of these instances we didn’t realize we had gotten away without paying for them until it was too late.  I honestly just thought they forgot to make my meal at Firebowl, mainly because I was within earshot of the register and clearly heard Christian place my order. Driving home, he pulled out the receipt, and low and behold, there was one meal on there.  And I’m sorry, but I just didn’t watch the HEB monitor as the guy was ringing up my stuff to make sure he got the stamps.  He repeated my request, asked if I just needed one book, and so it’s safe for me to assume that he did his job.  I didn’t actually look at the receipt until I got home. We all know the post office is ripping us off anyways!

So apply these tactics if you feel brave.  You may just get lucky.

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