Routines.  Babies thrive on them.  Heck, most of us adults do too.  They make us feel safe in the notion that we know what’s coming next.  I’ve always strived to keep The Babes on a good routine, even on the days when we had no routine.  I suffered through having to make sure each baby was comatose before putting her down, short naps, no naps, crying, you name it.  I often wondered if they would ever get this nap thing down.  Well, I have my answer.  I wish wish wish I could get these on video, but the written version will have to do for now.

Rachel: Eat breakfast/lunch, get diaper changed, say good night to Claire, and head off to the (mine and Christian’s) bedroom.  Close bathroom door, turn off all lights, straighten blankets, give paci, hugs, kisses, and put down in pack in play.  Tell her to have a good nap and that I love her, close door, hear minimal peeps (usually), then silence.  New Breakthrough: As soon as she gets her paci, she’s leaning out of my arms and aiming herself down to the pack and play.  She knows what’s up.

Claire:  Eat, get thanked for waiting so (or not so) patiently, and get diaper changed.  I get her blankie from her crib, and as soon as it’s spread over her back, she puts her left thumb in her mouth and rests on my shoulder in the rocker for a few minutes. That’s signal #1.  She goes in her crib, puts her head down again sucking her thumb, but as I turn to leave, she POPS her head back up and looks at me with a huge grin on her face, waiting for signal #2: “Have a good nap! I love you!”  Door closes.  PLOP! Head goes back down.  

It’s almost too easy.  And of course as I write this I hear numerous “cockadoodledoo’s” coming from Claire’s crib toy.  That girl ain’t sleepin’.

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  1. Wow! there is hope for a routine! and believe you, me… cockerdoodledoo is better then WAAAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAA (deep inhale) WAAAAAAAWAAAAAWAAAAAAA. 🙂

  2. You’re nothing, if not organized –you always have been. I love you for it and so will the girls.

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