And the Winner Is…..

Rachel!!!!  The girls have been racing to see who will be the first one to cut her first top tooth, and while we have been putting our money on Claire the past several days (ok, weeks), Rachel pulled ahead at the last minute and busted the tooth out!  

Claire’s has been on the horizon for what seems like forever, ever since Dr. Spencer said she should be getting it in “any day now” – that was at their 9 month check up in December.  So we waited and watched, waited and watched, waited and watched….I could see it and feel it through her gums. But then one day I just stuck my finger in Rachel’s mouth to check hers, and to my surprise, a little serrated edge met my finger.  Way to go Pachey!

No pictures yet.  I can barely even feel it, much less see it.  But it’s there!

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