As the girls get bigger and bigger I often feel like they need me less and less.  Yes, I still make sure they are changed, fed, clothed, and entertained, and most of all safe now that they are all over the place.  But there is less holding, rocking, and sleepy snuggling, and I must say I miss it.

Saturday night my “man it feels so good to crawl into bed” bliss was interrupted by a cry from the monitor.  Since it didn’t cease right away, or even lessen for that matter, we headed to the girls’ room to see what was going on.  I found Claire crying in her bed, still half asleep, but very upset over something.  I tried to soothe her in her crib by stroking her hair and whispering to her, at no avail.   

Our guess, based on the type of crying, is that she had a bad dream.  She is teething, but this was different, poor thing.  Babies do have dreams, and while bad dreams are more prevalent in little babies, 3 to 6 months, they can still have them in the 6 to 12 month range.  

So I brought her out to the living room, which we had darkened to protect her sleepiness.  I got to rock her, stroke her hair, give her kisses, and lay down on the couch with her until she was calm enough to put back in bed.  She’s not the little baby she once was.  Instead of resting comfortably on my chest and stomach, her legs reach past my hips.  Her head no longer fits snugly underneath my chin.  Instead she tosses her head back and forth, trying to find a cozy position. 

But I relished every minute of it.  I was needed.

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  1. I measure the babies when I am sitting in my glider. I can remember holding each of my kids and they fit sideways between the arms of the chair. Now, none of them fit between the arms of the chair. And just wait until they are 5 and you have to carry them when they are asleep – all dead weight. That feeling of wanting to be needed never goes away, it just gets heavier.

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