What a weekend.  And in saying that, I wish that I was about to recount to you all the fun things we did in the glorious weather.  Not exactly.

Our weekend started early, on Thursday night, with our good friend Reba babysitting C & R so I could take Christian out to dinner.  And by babysitting I mean she got to kick back and watch TV while they slept.  So Christian and I went to North by Northwest, a restaurant and brewery where we enjoyed yummy food, good beer, followed a very rich dessert and port wine.  It wasn’t our first time going out on our own, but every time we do, I have to say it feels a little weird.  We are a family unit now, and whenever we are alone we feel like something’s missing.

The weather was crummy all weekend.  Friday was Christian’s birthday, and he stayed home, but he was working the whole time.  I was glad to have the extra pair of hands though, especially since Rachel came down with a nice fever around lunch time.  All she wanted to do was lay on my chest, sometimes sleeping, sometimes not.  But they went to bed fine, and then a group of friends came over to play poker and eat pizza to help celebrate the b-day.  About the time everyone was leaving, Rachel woke up with a little vomit and laid with me on the couch for a while.

Saturday we were supposed to leave for Dallas for a joint celebration of Christian’s, my mom’s, and the girls’ birthdays.  The goal was to leave around 9, when the girls would normally go down for a nap, but we had to cancel, which made me sad, but was the right decision.  Rachel’s fever was still around 99, and it ended up spiking back up to 102 that afternoon.  She was miserable, laying on one of us all day long.  By the end of the day, my arms were exhausted.  

Sunday morning, the fever actually broke, and she was almost back to normal, just a little sleepy.  Then it was Claire’s turn.  She started feeling a little warm, and by the afternoon, she had a full fledged fever, just like Rachel.  And she also woke up after a few hours in bed, but with more Exorcist-like vomit.  All over me.  I almost heaved myself from the chunks of carrot and chicken and stars that were now all over my shirt.  She ended up sleeping the rest of the night in our room, giving little whimpers here and there from her discomfort.  Luckily, her fever broke totally during the night and she was back to normal the next day.

But the fun was not over yet.  Monday morning Rachel woke up at 4:45 but went back down after a few hugs.  Then 5:45 and back down.  The 6, and not back down.  At all.  And when she was back up, she cried non stop…until 8 when she totally exhausted herself and went back to sleep for 30 minutes.  After waking, she was happy for a while, then the crying again.  Inconsolable.  It had to be an ear infection right?  I mean, no 12 month old cries non stop for that long without there being something wrong.  So we took off for the doctor…who found nothing wrong.  No ear infection, no irritated throat, nice, soft belly.  It was very disheartening to feel that something was wrong, but nothing showed up.  We actually tried to do a test for a urinary tract infection where they stick a little bag on her for her to pee in, but she ended up pooping in it, thus ruining the sample that I was supposed to take back.  I haven’t brought myself to try it again.

The best part?  As I left the doctor’s office, I noticed that I was starting to feel a little achy.  By the time the Christian got home, I had a fever of 101, and could hardly stand up my body hurt so bad.  I shivered on the couch, then was hot, then was cold, all the while nursing a wicked headache.  I hate to think that this is how they felt when they had their fevers.  

I have officially caught my first illness from my babies.

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