Busy Busy Busy One Year Stats

Sorry for the late b-day post!  We’ve been a little busy lately with birthday planning, house guests, and rectifying nasty hail damage.  Yuck.

Yes, I took The Babes to the doctor for their one year check up on their birthday.  Sorry girls! Best to just get it over with, right?

Here’s the one year stats!

Claire Ann

Weight at birth: 3 lbs 2 oz
Height at birth: 15.6 inches

Weight at 1 year: 18 lbs 6 oz
Height at 1 year: 28.25 inches
Activities: Army crawling towards the cat, dog, or that tiny piece of something on the floor that only she can see; trying to pull up on things, especially Mommy and Daddy; going for outlets and cords; showing us where we have missed baby proofing.

Claire is our spunky, yet dainty little girl.  She’s so sweet and smiley, and loves to giggle and make the “piggy face.”  She’s quick on the floor, and is indicating that she wants to stand and walk more, with our help. She’s got quite a pair of lungs, and loves to give out a shriek to get your attention.  She can say Mama, Dada, and a whole lot of other stuff that only she can understand!  She also loves to share her food with you, holding it out in her hand for you to lean in and take a bite.  She’s become so independent, but we can tell that she relishes in individual attention and loves to spend alone time with Mom or Dad, whether it’s a trip to the store or just playing on the floor while Rachel is still napping.  She’s become a little shy and unsure of strangers and new situations, but really unleashes her personality once she feels comfortable.  Her favorite things to do are getting tossed in the air on “3” and crawling to the end of her bed, pulling down the bumper, and giggling at her sister at bed time.  

Rachel Leigh

Weight at birth: 3 lbs 10 oz
Height at birth: 16.3 inches

Weight at 1 year: 18 lbs 3 oz
Height at 1 year: 27.75 inches

Activities: Army crawling, sometimes crawling short distances on all fours; trying to pull up on everything; playing with the remote; going after the dirtiest shoe she can find on the floor and putting it in her mouth.  In fact, she eats just about everything she comes into contact with.

Rachel is our little Huggy Bear.  She loves to hug hug hug and give slobbery, open mouthed kisses.  She’s no longer hard to get a smile out of.  She gives them freely and with fervor. She likes activities that challenge her dexterity, pushing buttons with her index finger.  She can say Mama, Dada, and babbles a ton.  She gives a high pitched giggle as she crawls and when the cats try to sneak by.  She eats like crazy, emptying her tray almost before I finish giving Claire her portion, and she’s about had it with spoon feeding, making it clear that she would rather feed herself.  She’s recently learned to clap (today!), and loves the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song.  She also likes to mimic, especially running the tip of her tongue back and forth on her lips.  I’ll have to get this on video.  It’s hilarious.

Both girls are getting so big and are on their way out of babyhood.  Before we know it we will have 2 walking, talking little toddlers.  The get along pretty well for the most part. Claire is a bit of an aggressor with hair pulling and screaming, which we are working on.  But she doesn’t mind having her hair pulled – she pulls it herself as a soothing mechanism – so she doesn’t understand that it hurts Rachel.  But on the other hand, Rachel is a little sensitive sometimes, even when it’s not that bad, knowing that if she cries, Mommy will come console her.  I can’t believe we are entering the “disciplining” phase.  But they also have their days of playing extremely well together, laughing and giggling at each other, chasing each other around the room, as fast as they can with their little army crawls.

We’re also making sure that we teach them as much as possible now that they are starting to mimic us more and babble more.  Honestly, it’s hard to make sure we get in learning time during the day with two babies to entertain.  It’s also difficult to focus on one baby at a time. We are trying to start spending alone time with each girl, which is only possible on weekends, which are already jam packed with errands and family time, not to mention the two naps a day that the girls still take.  It’s really important to me, though, that I get to know each baby on a more individual basis.  With twins, it’s often hard for people to separate the two in their minds, and even I catch myself thinking of them as a unit, so that when the pediatrician asks me if Claire is doing this or Rachel is doing that, I often have a hard time determining who is doing what developmentally.  And I hate admitting that.

But one year later, things are definitely great.  I love seeing what new things they will do next, and I absolutely love being their mom.

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  1. They are adorable! It is hard to believe they are doing all of that already!! I always enjoy reading your posts! :o)

  2. We love those girls!! I can’t believe our babies have been replaced by these adorable little people 🙂

    You are such a great mommy and those girls are so lucky to have you and Christian raising them…and we are lucky to have you as friends!

    Congrats on making it through the first year…can you believe how fast it has gone? There were days we weren’t sure we would make it 🙂

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