Favorite Birthday Moments

It’s been a busy few weeks here at the Torres house.  Here are some of our favorite moments from their birthday on Tuesday the 24th, their party that Saturday, the rest of the weekend with Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Lori, and Cousin Devon.

Claire trying to work out a bargain with Daddy at the doctor – “I’ll carry the backpack if you take my shots for me!” Didn’t work.

We got to have a little taste of cake on our actual birthday! Just a little!

We got this awesome walker toy from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Scott! We are getting pretty good at it, when our pants are tripping us.  It also converts into a little car that we can ride on!

The birthday party went off without a hitch.  We had lots of good friends and family to play, eat burgers, and share cake with us.  For some, this was their first time even meeting the girls!  Christian manned the grill, I helped entertain the kids (after they finally decided to join the party after nap time), and our friend Chris took on the role of photographer for the afternoon.

The Three Musketeers – Claire, Rachel and Avery
Singing Happy Birthday.
Rachel showed off her mad cupcake eating skills.

Claire was a little dainty with her frosting.
Claire offering Grandpa some cupcake.

Rachel offering Daddy a taste
Rachel and Izabella sharing an intimate moment.

The next day we headed downtown to the Capitol to do some touristy stuff.  Devon had never been, and I’m sure it had been years since Mom, Dad, and Lori had been.  We walked around the building for a little while, then headed outside to feed the girls lunch on the lawn.  And we’ve now come to the realization that we can’t just sit nicely on a blanket and eat our lunch anymore.  Our friend Vanessa used to be jealous, saying that her boys would be all over the place while our girls sit so nicely and eat, but not anymore!  There’s much less eating going on and a lot more attempts to crawl around, explore, and eat grass. But we did get a few good pics.
Devon being silly.
My new favorite picture.

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