Night Poopies

New addition to our nightly routine.  Usually around 10 or so we go check on The Babes in bed. There’s two purposes for this little visit: 1) to make sure they are appropriately covered up if it’s chilly and to make sure Rachel has at least one paci in her crib, since she has taken a liking to throwing them overboard, and 2) to silently laugh our arses off at the ridiculous positions they end up laying in.  Butts in the air, spread eagle on their backs on top of their lovey, snuggled up in the corner against the bumper, arms sticking out of crib rails.  We call it “checking on the Boos” (Boos shortened from Boo Bears, which came from who knows where), and it’s definitely my favorite part of the night.

But the new part of the routine is very much not my favorite.  It’s called Night Pooping. More appropriately, Right-After-We’ve-Put-Them-Down Night Pooping.  We know if it’s occurred as soon as we walk into the room.  So then, instead of snickering at the crazy looking sleepers, we find ourselves leaning over the side of the crib sniffing butts.  Yes, like dogs.  Sometimes it’s both, sometimes just one.  So then we pick up the offender and carry her into the living room and tag team a quick diaper change, trying to minimize noise, light and amount wake up time.  Now this is not just a logistical annoyance, but also a financial one as well.  The packs of overnight diapers I buy usually have 31 diapers in them (cuz that number makes sense…), so if we use 2 per night, that package should last me 2 weeks.  Perfect.  But now, we are going through 3 or 4 of them each night, meaning I am buying 1.5 – 2 times more overnight diapers, increasing from $24 a month to up to $48 a month.  Just for the overnight diapers.  Not cool.  But I absolutely cannot allow them to sleep all night in stinky pants (who could?).  Especially Claire, who recently has the most rancid poo in all of North America, maybe South America too.  Luckily they usually are able to go right back down without a problem though with clean pants.

But I still hate those blasted Night Poopies.

These pants will soon be stinky.

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  1. When my kids (all 4) have to poo, they will not go to sleep. They will lay down, but no sleep. Maggie likes to poo during afternoon nap, which means she's in her room, in her bed (with me downstairs) and then I hear, "Mom, I went poo". So I have to go up to wipe the butt. Very frustrating especially when you're trying to get them down quickly.

    At least C&R go right back to sleep for you.

  2. Is it bad that i love seeing how red their faces get when they are pushing it out… cracks me up

  3. mine have started waking up with them, nothing like what you’re going through, but still not a lovely smell first thing in the morning.

  4. Oh, my, I could have written this post! We call our before we go to sleep visits the “Pooh (for Pooh Bears) check” but it often is a “poo” check, too.

  5. Catching up on your blog 😉 We call that nocturnal dumping around here. Save some $$ and just double diaper them (2 regular dipes). Then, you can quick change by whipping off the stinker, wiping down and refastening the other dipe. And it does the trick of holding more w/out leaking if they go all night in them w/ just tinkles.

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