Our Shiny New Toy

We have been aching to go on bike rides together, especially since the weather has gotten so nice.  And this trailer was offered to me at the awesome price of FREE.  The girls seem to enjoy it, and by that I mean Claire seems to enjoy it while Rachel gets whiney about halfway into the ride.  But it’s not about them, it’s about us, right?
Watching intently as Daddy pumps up the tires.  Since it was free, there weren’t any straps to secure the babies, hence the pillow barricade.  Safety first!  
Just kidding!  There WERE straps.  I actually have no idea what genius engineering purpose the pillows served. Plus, I’m pretty sure Claire is screaming at him here.  Notice the less than enthused look on Rachel’s face.

The complete picture. Very nice!
Sure to provide sheer minutes of entertainment!  The wind in your hair, the baby doll in your lap, the bugs in your baby teeth…

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  1. too fun! we have been looking for one to start the biking too. i don’t know if the boys will like it though… they start hyperventilating on stroller rides… can you imagine?

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