Easter – A Bit Belated

Easter was lovely here in Austin this year.  Last year I was laid up in the hospital with 2 babies in my belly (Easter was on March 23rd – the day before they were born).  This year, after a rainy morning turned into a very sunny afternoon, we spent Easter with our wonderful group of friends and all of our babies.   Our friends Reba and Troy (who are expecting their first little bundle, Jonah, on July 30th) cooked up a delicious briskit, potato salad, beans, and some yummy fruity desserts.  Chris and Lori brought in some tasty macaroni salad, and I slaved away all morning over some sweet lemon bars – my favorite.

In our close knit group there are 4 couples: Reba and Troy, Chris and Lori, Ashley and Fred (who had to work, but joined us a little later), and Christian and me.  Within a year, 3 of us had had our first babies, and I can’t express how excited we are for little Jonah to join the group.  He’s definitely going to have his pick of the ladies!  It had been a while since just the 8 of us had hung out as a group, and it was nice.  Like old times, but not.  Less beer, more babies. But still a great time, as always.

A lovely shot of the back of their dresses. Rachel is in green and Claire in pink. And a very lovely pregnant Reba is in the background.

Rachel having fun crawling on people.

Conquering Mount Lori!

Whew! All that climbing wore me out!

All the while, Claire was munching on some grass.

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