NICU Flashback & AMOM Soirée

Last weekend, the 18th and 19th, was a busy busy weekend for us.  Spring is here, and that means that outdoor parties, picnics, and festivals are abounding, and we are trying to take advantage of as much as we can!

The weekend started out rough, with Claire coming down with a nasty fever on Thursday that hung around until Saturday.  I was crushed because aside from the fact that she felt awful, the annual Seton Medical Center neonatal reunion was Saturday afternoon, so I was praying that she would miraculously recover in time for us to go.  The reunion was scheduled from 1PM – 4PM, and naps are usually from 1 – 3 (who the heck planned that anyway?), so we were already going to be cutting it close.  But they must have known we had places to go and people to see, because they both woke up at 2 and were ready to go!

The reunion was at a small park about a block away from the hospital.  I have to say, making that drive always brings back crazy memories.  Memories of going to work, since I worked right across the street from the park.  Memories of anxiously going to the hospital every morning and almost every night to see my little babies, wondering what the status and updates would be.  Memories of an alternate lifestyle we led for 5 weeks that became all too regular for us.  But that was 13 short months ago, and at this year’s reunion we got to show off our healthy, thriving almost toddlers!  There were lots of activities, most of which will be more fun when the girls can run around.  So next year…look out!

Posing with our very favorite nurse, Jeannie, who took awesome care of the girls (and me) during our stay.  Jeannie
remarked how heavy R was compared to all of the preemies she is used to!  Then Daddy had to show off how easily he can still carry both R & C.  Poor C was still not feeling well here.

Sunday was another event I had really been looking forward to – the spring AMOM picnic. This one had a much better time slot, from 11 – 4, so people could come either early or late.  The girls put on their pretty spring dresses after their AM nap and we were on our way! The picnic was awesome and there was a ton of stuff to do for all ages.  There was a bounce house, arts and crafts, sand art (oh yes, I partook in the sand art – for the babies.  Yes, for the babies. Oh who are we kidding?  I love those things!), and a gated, covered tent for little crawlers like ours.  And food.  Can’t forget the food.  But the best part was getting to see all of the friends we have made in our twin experience.  I’ve gotten to know so many of these other ladies through our club meetings, online message board, and play groups, and it was great for all of us to get together with the daddies as well.  A good number of us have seen our babies grow from almost day 1, and it’s awesome to be able to share our unique experiences together.

Daddy and Claire sharing a cheese stick.  She is fully recovered!

Mommy and Rachel hanging out at the picnic tables.

Peeking at Claire through the gate in the baby tent.  She loved the corner.  Premonition of things to come?

Rachel loved the big purple ball.  I mean LOVED it.

Drinking our sippies before heading home. See the heavy eyelids? They weren’t heavy enough.  After falling asleep in the car (YES!), they had a hard time staying asleep once we got home (NO!)

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