Why I March

I march because 3 pounds is heart wrenchingly small.
I march because after waiting so long, no one should have their baby whisked away from them after only a 5 second hello.

I march because it’s heartbreaking to be told that you can’t hold your own baby.

I march so that fewer parents have to become familiar with the terms “apnea,” “bradycardia,” “gavage,” “bilirubin,” and “PICC line.”  Those should be reserved for doctors only!

I march because I know too many women who have delivered at 35, 33, 32, 31, 28, even 24 weeks.

I march because some of these women have had to say goodbye to their babies and give them to God.  

I march so that more women can become educated on how to have a healthy pregnancy.

I march so that all premature infants can get the utmost care and their families can rely on the support and information provided by the March of Dimes.  

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 9, 2009, we march for all the babies and the families that have greatly benefited and will benefit from the support of the March of Dimes.  We appreciate all of the loving and generous support of our friends and family both in the early days, and now in our fundraising efforts.  


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  1. I wish I could walk with and for all of you. Hopefully next year. I will be walking in spirit and in prayer. Love you all!

    PS…Who are Owen & Brody…so cute (and they share my birthday)! Are they local? If so, they need to come play with us 🙂 We need more boys!

  2. Tearing up, here. I’ll be linking back to this post. Well said. Very well said. And thank you for including us.

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