Saying Goodbye

On Sunday we said goodbye to our family in Raleigh, NC, and traveled back to our home in Austin after 10 days North Carolina family fun, including 7 days at a beach house in Nags Head, a part of the Outer Banks.  More about the trip coming up, after I sort through the 1200+ photos we took.

Saying goodbye was different this time around.  At the end of previous visits, we were ready to get back home, settle back into our house, hang out with our friends, and get back into our jobs (ok that one’s a stretch).  But this time it was harder.  Watching everyone flutter around to get one last hug and goodbye kiss from the babies was heart wrenching.  And I couldn’t help shedding a tear as I squeezed the life out of my sister in law and mother in law (yes, everyone, I love my in laws).  I must say, I didn’t want to leave.  We love our NC family. Michelle and Scott are not only our sis and bro in law, but they are also two of our best friends.  I always enjoy getting to know Christian’s sister Jenny and her husband Ralf better.  The kids, Jessica, Maddie, Khayman, Brandon, and Tristan are an absolute joy to be around.  Most of the time, wink wink.  And Kollette, Christian’s mom, is the quintessential mother hen.  Thanks to Facebook, online chatting, and webcams, the distance is often lessened, but nothing beats actually getting to be together.  We vowed to try our best to make this Outer Banks trip an annual event, and already next year can’t come soon enough.

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