NC09: Getting There

Wow, time really got away from me.  It’s been a month since we left for NC, and I haven’t posted anything about our trip!  Well, I’ll have to do it in stages, so here goes!

I was extremely nervous about flying with the babies.  Not because I felt we were in danger, but because I had no idea what was going to happen. We couldn’t afford to buy them their own seats, so they rode in our laps, which children under the age of two can do.  But would they (and I) be comfortable? Would they sleep?  Would their ears hurt, causing them to howl like maniacs the whole time?  Would someone decide to poop right after take off?  It was entirely unpredictable.  

We met up with our 10 year old nephew Khayman, who was flying out with us to spend the summer with his dad, our brother in law, and Christian’s sister Michelle’s husband (got it?). He was a huge help with the babies, thanks to his experience with his 5 younger siblings.  The girls had a blast crawling around the terminal and looking out the window while we waited.  

Khayman helping Claire walk around the airport. Such a great cousin!

Rachel is having a blast on vacation, and we haven’t even left yet!
Khayman and the girls.

Rachel: ” I think I see our plane coming in!”
Crawling in different directions: This is what twins do.

Once we got to start boarding, they were getting really cranky and had been up almost an hour and a half past their normal 9 AM nap time.  Rachel handled it pretty well, staying awake for a little while reading some stories, then falling asleep in my lap after take off. Claire, on the other hand, went a little berserk.  Poor thing was so tired she couldn’t get comfortable on her poor daddy, and she spent a good 45 minutes or more (of course it seemed like eons to us) screaming, crying, and fighting sleep. But once she finally passed out, I’m sure the entire back of the plane let out a mental cheer, and she slept for the rest of the flight, maybe an hour or so.  And Khayman slept through the whole thing.  Oh, to be 10 again.

Next was a layover in the ca-razy busy Atlanta airport.  We not only had to change planes, but we had to head to a different terminal, and to do that we had to go underground. And if you have a stroller (not to mention a double wide), you have to find, then wait in the ridiculously long line for an elevator. Then head to your terminal.  Then wait for another elevator to go back up. Then fight the crowd again to get to your gate. Then take a small, yet much needed breather and feed the girls lunch (word to the wise – layovers can be good when traveling with little ones)…don’t forget to eat lunch yourself! Then realize that they’re not announcing your flight at this gate, even though that’s what your boarding pass says, and you don’t want to ask the lady at the desk because she just got chewed out by some jerk who thinks the airport traffic stops for him.  So find a little TV with the flights and realize that your gate is just a few gates away, and they are getting ready to board, so it’s a good thing you (and by “you” I mean Christian), realized that we were at the wrong gate, through no fault of our own.  Luckily the kiddos get you straight to the front of the line.

Flight #2 was short, less than an hour, thank goodness.  Thank goodness because Rachel decided to make one of my fears come true, and she took a dump riiiight as the plane was taking off.  So being the good mom that I am, I covered her with her blankie to contain the smell, which luckily was not too offensive, or at least the guy next to me did a good job covering up his desire to jump ship, and I decided to wait until we got to Raleigh to change her.  She didn’t really care, she just spent the entire flight yanking down the window shade that I dutifully kept lifting up for her.  And we got there.

to be continued…

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  1. flying is oh-so-fun with twins. We had done it twice, both time on the lap. I am a sweaty mess by the time we arrive. very stressful for momma!

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