NC09: We Love Raleigh

Whew!  We’re here!  Finally!  The flights were not bad, but man, were we glad to be at our destination.  We received a huge welcome from the entire family: Scott, Kollette (Grandma), Jessica, Jenny, Ralf, Brandon, and Tristan.  We were missing Michelle and Madison, but they came home a little later from Madi’s violin recital.

After lots of face time with everyone and a little bit of resistance to go to bed in a new place, we finally got to rest ourselves.  The next day we were up and ready to party and spend a fun filled day at Monkey Joe’s, an indoor inflatable playground.  The girls were a little small to bounce around on their own, but they got to explore in our arms and had a good time.

Sorry, Aunt Michelle.  I guess blonde hair is even more fun to pull.

Tristan was smitten with his Uncle Chris
While Rachel was fascinated by all the tall trees outside.

Saturday was Mission Outer Banks!  We left early in the morning, with the girls in one car and the boys in another.  Grandma, Jessica and Madi in their car and Jenny, Ralf, and Brandon in theirs were not far behind us.
The boys packing their car for the road trip to the Outer Banks! Man, I miss those trees.
Daddy strapping us in nice and tight and getting us comfy with our blankies for the road trip.

The trip was about 3 hours, but went well, with only one detour through a scary town called Bethel, which looked like something out of Deliverance, and only one poopy diaper stop. We finally arrived, got some lunch, and had some time to kill before we could go pick up the keys to our beach house.

Claire out cold during the drive.
Daddy posing with the girls during Operation Poopy Diaper Change…NOT in Bethel.

Daddy and Claire killing some time at a park before we can pick up our keys.  That’s the ocean behind them! And it’s really not as dark and cloudy as it looks in the picture. 

Everyone posing for a lineup pic: Claire, Tristan, Madi, Khayman (can only see his blue shirt), Brandon, Jessica with Rachel, Jenny, and Ralf

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