NC09: Arriving in Nag’s Head

Finally it was time to head over the to house.  We had seen pictures, but still weren’t sure what to expect.  It. Was. Awesome!  Sure, it wasn’t one of the huge beach mansions that we saw driving down the island, nor was it right on the beach, but it still rocked.

Our Blue Heaven

The house was three stories, although the first story was only the front door.  Immediately after walking in you had to head upstairs to the second floor, where 3 of the 4 bedrooms were. Then up another flight of stairs to the third floor, housing the living room, kitchen, dining room, and the fourth bedroom.  The house also had balconies on every floor, the third floor balcony wrapping around to the back, the second floor housing the hot tub, and they were all interconnected, so you could get to any floor or balcony without even having to go in the front door.  This came in handy when we found ourselves without a key one day and could go up to the third floor where one of the sliding doors was unlocked.  
A view from the top with Claire.  That’s the beautiful ocean behind those other houses!

The second floor balcony with a hammock and a swing.

How many Torreses can you fit in a hammock?  Four.  Barely.

Although not beachfront property, the house was right across from the beach.  Picture the beach, a row of houses, the street, and another row of houses — that’s where we were.  And we found ourselves right across the street from the public beach access point, meaning we didn’t have to walk down the street at all to access the beach.  How perfect could it get?
What do you get when you combine wood paneling, couches form the 80’s, and a random nautical theme?  A whole lot of awesome.

It was a 1980’s decorating disaster, complete with huge tropical print couches and deer heads hanging on the walls, but we loved it.  And we immediately took the girls to the beach!  Not to swim, since it was getting late, but they got their first eyefull of the crashing waves.  It was beautiful.

The beach.

Yes, they do.

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