Operation Milk Transition

I have a bit of catching up to do.  I have been a horrible blog poster lately, partly because of our new camera.  While I love it, I have not had (or taken) the time to learn all the ins and outs, and pictures have been just sitting in it for weeks and weeks.  We went back and forth on whether to keep all of the new pictures on an external drive (since we now take 10x as many photos), which was a pain in the rear having to plug in the external drive to my computer, and it was causing some problems uploading to our other photo storage site.  Long story longer, new pics on my computer where I can access them whenever I want, and old ones will go to the external.  You know, when I have time to move them all.  Riiiight.

So to catch up on a few things….we are now completely off of formula!  It took longer than I expected, but we’re done.  When I weaned the girls off of breast milk a little after their 1st birthday, I had the intention of starting the transition to whole milk.  Apparently their little bodies had other plans (still having to do some adjusting for their prematurity I suppose) and massive spitting up occurred, even with a ratio of 1 ounce of milk to 3 ounces of formula.  So we backed off.  About 5 weeks later, we decided to try again, this time being even more conservative with only half an ounce of milk to 3.5 ounces of formula.  Rachel seemed to be handling it fine, but Claire had some nasty reflux symptoms, mainly throaty gasping sounds and a lot of coughing.  It didn’t initially occur to me that it was the milk — I thought she was having breathing problems.  But our pediatrician recommended backing off of the milk yet again, and the gasping and coughing immediately stopped.  At this point I am consulting all kinds of wise, experienced moms, and I am seriously thinking that we will have to do soy milk when we do try again.  Or just stay on formula until they are 18.  But we waited a little longer, mainly until we were back from North Carolina, and decided to try one more time.  If this third time failed, on to soy we would go.  But it worked!  Yesterday was our first full day of all milk and no formula!  Big girls now!  I had to shake my head a little as I placed two gallons of whole milk into my grocery cart this morning.
We also love our banana, mango, and papaya smoothies!

They’re so good they make our hair all crazy!

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