BT3 is Upon Us

That’s right.  BT3 is coming soon to a theatre, I mean, house near you.  Near you if you live in my neighborhood that is.  What’s BT3 you ask?  Well, BT3 stands for….

Baby Torres #3!!!!!  (echoing three three three!!!!!)

Now I know you all are saying, “WHAT????? Aren’t your girls only 16 months old?????  Are you crazy?????”  

Yes, my girls are only 16 months, old, yes, I can sometimes be considered a little crazy, but in response to the question that some people don’t have the balls to ask (but some do), no, this was not planned.  At least not this soon.  We both knew that we would more than likely want to have a third child, but this, um, “opportunity” came a little sooner than we expected.  Let’s just call it our little Outer Banks souvenir.  

Now let me stop here briefly and apologize to any of you who are reading this and would have much rather have heard it from us in person.  We didn’t (actually couldn’t) talk about it for a while because of the shock, and even when we did have the courage to start talking about it, I just couldn’t find the words.  I hate making announcements, and I was really afraid of how people would react.  Fortunately, our friends and family were extremely excited and supportive, and we are very thankful for that.

First thought?  Terror.  I can’t do this.  I don’t want to do this.  I thought about the girls and how this was going to impact them.  I was so afraid that this was going to take away from their lives at a time when things were going to get even more fun than they already are. The morning nap would be gone, and we would be free to go out in the mornings and do all kinds of fun things.  Even now, life as we know it is perfect.  We have an awesome predictable schedule, we have mastered the art of going out as a family, and I have to say I have mastered the art of going out on my own with the girls.  When we do go out, C has a baby, I have a baby, life is good.  I saw BT3 as an intruder that was going to mess up our chi, causing a horrible imbalance and disrupting our perfect lives.

After a lot of talking and praying, we began to embrace the idea of BT3.  Once we went to the doctor and saw the strong little heartbeat (yes, just one this time), things began to sink in and start to become real.  Our due date is 3/6/10, just 18 days before R & C’s second birthday, and we are now convinced that 2 years will be a perfect age gap.  The girls will be such great big sisters, and I know that the three of them will be close.  I still can’t say at this point that I am totally in love (sorry, BT3, if you are reading this in the future), but I know I will be once he/she is here.  And I know that with the arrival of BT3, we won’t be able to imagine life any other way.

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  1. You are such a great mom…it will just come naturally and he/she will fit right in and before you know it, that will be all you know…I am so excited for you honey!! I love you!!

  2. What a lucky little #3 to have you & Christian as parents…not to mention 2 of the most adorable big sisters 🙂 Congrats!!

  3. What fun it will be to see our family circle growing.
    How lucky for BT3 to have such loving parents and 2 precious older sisters.

  4. I am so happy for you both. You can do it and I look forward to lots of pictures up here. Stephanie

  5. Way to go!! So fun. You're a twin mom, you can do ANYTHING. It will be a piece of cake. Enjoy it!

  6. I LOVE vacation souvenirs! One baby will be a breeze compared to two at the same time. I am very excited for you all! My first two kids are 25 month apart and they fight like cats and dogs sometimes. But other times, they play for hours and really enjoy each other's company. I wouldn't change it for anything.

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