Hats and Shoes

The word of the week was definitely “hat.”  All week long R & C walked around the house saying “hat!” and patting their heads. No hat need be in the vicinity.  But alas, we did break out our hats to demonstrate the point, and the girls wore them faithfully as they walked circles around the living room.

Claire with a hat and juice.  Good combination.

Rachel with a hat and some battle scars.  Apparently Rachel and keys are NOT a good combination.

We’re also very into our shoes, since we are doing much more walking.  R & C wear them everywhere, even just around the house.  But we go outside every evening after Daddy gets home and practice using our walking legs.  They’re even learning to sign “shoes” and when they pick them up off the floor, they try to put them on their own feet. Without much success, especially seeing as I have a hard time putting them on for them, and I’m a grown up.
Hats and shoes.

Hat and Daddy kisses for Rachel.

Hat and shoes testing out the outdoors with Claire.

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