The girls are starting to pick things up fast.  Too fast.  Fast enough to realize that we may need to think about reducing the amount of swearing that goes on in front of them. But seriously.

Balls, balloons, bath, and bubbles.  Four new words that we love to sign and say.  Pictures of balls in books and seeing a ball in the room bring on lots of “Bah!” accompanied by the sign.  

 After each meal, and sometimes in between, Rachel rubs her hands up and down her chest and says, “Bah-th!” Girl likes to be clean.  Never mind actual bath time, which promotes gratuitous bath signing and sprinting to the bathroom.

Newer to the ranks are “Ba-oo!” (balloon — sign ball, but expand your hands outward) and “Bubba!” (bubbles).  We blew bubbles the other day, and the girls were crazy over them, even to the point of crying when we had to stop. So now they randomly walk around attempting the sign for bubbles (which for them means waving their arms in the air), and saying “Bubba!”
The bubbles are hard to see inside, but these faces were priceless.  Another obsession — hair ribbons, hence Claire’s fancy hairdo on the left…at 8:00 in the morning.

Claire is in heaven among all the bubbles!

Rachel trying to catch the bubbles.

I used to wonder how parents were able to interpret the incomprehensible things their toddlers said.  Now I know.

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  1. So precious!! They are growing up so fast!! It is amazing that as parents, you are the only one that can understand them and then you wonder why no one else can! LOL!!

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