When did this all happen?

It’s official.  The girls keep growing.  Our 18 month well check went, uh, well.  But the doctor’s office was busy with sick kids, flu shots, and lacked Hortencia, who works the front desk, so that meant long waits and a nurse we didn’t know who didn’t give us our normal packet with all of our stats written down like Shasta always does.  So I’m going to have to wing this and remember as best I can.

Claire Ann 
Weight: 24 1/2-ish pounds (50th-ish percentile)
Height: Sorry, Mommy doesn’t remember

What’s she up to?  Claire is running.  Running to get a toy, running away from Daddy, or running to check herself out in the big mirror we put in the living room for entertainment purposes. I am not kidding — as soon as she gets dressed in the morning she runs over to check out her outfit.  We even catch her walking back and forth in front of the mirror, smiling at herself.  Obviously, they have developed a new sense of self awareness and now recognize themselves in the mirror, which is a ton of fun.  

Claire is learning so much.  She loves to watch Baby Signing Time and asks for it constantly by signing “baby” and then “time.”  She still loves to read books, and says “book!” and points to her bookshelf every time I go to put her in bed.  But the best thing she’s learning is to be gentler and kinder to her sister.  She was never mean, but was “aggressively affectionate,” as I would always say.  But now she’s learning to share and sweetly hands Rachel toys that we ask her to or things Rachel has dropped.  Her favorite word is probably “ball,” and she goes around shouting it and throwing her little ball.  She also gets super excited when the segment of Baby Signing Time comes on with balloons and bubbles, and she often starts signing and shouting “bubbles!” — which actually sounds a lot like “ball” — before the segment even starts.  That’s right…she knows that when the previous segment is over, the bubble segment is next.  So smart.
Claire is still my little Claire. So pretty, and always wakes up with perfect hair.

Rachel Leigh:
Weight: 25 1/2-ish pounds (70th-ish percentile)
Height: No idea

Yes, one pound puts Rachel in the 70th percentile as opposed to Claire’s 50th.  It’s a heavy pound too, because she feels significantly heavier to me than Claire.  But her increase in walking and learning to run is helping her even out a bit, having actually lost a pound since I took her in for a facial rash at around 17 months.  

Rachel is just so cute.  Her favorite word is “hi,” and she’ll say it to you over and over again until you respond.  And then she’ll say it some more.  Her words have really exploded in the past few months.  Other favorites are “bike,” “cold,” (always said together for some reason) and MY favorite new addition, “uh oh,” which is actually more like “uh uh oh!”  She takes every opportunity to toss something and say “Uh uh oh!”  Sippy cup. “Uh uh oh!” Lovey over the crib rail.  “Uh uh oh!”  You name it, she’ll toss it and express her dismay.  She also loves to read, and will bring me books upon request. When we finish a story, “Rachel, can you go get me another book?” She gets up, walks over to “the library,” and fishes out a new book to bring me. Now we just need to work on her handing me the book as opposed to throwing it in my lap/face and saying “uh uh oh!”
Rachel is still into some serious face-making. And her hair is always a mess.

These girls continue to amaze me.  Their ability to communicate with us increases every day, making life a little easier on all of us, mainly thanks to the sign language.  They can tell me when they are hungry, when they want more, and when they are done.  They both have learned to say “please,” both signing and verbally.  They constantly bring me books to read to them, and immediately sit down expectantly in front of me.  And if Claire won’t sit down, Rachel looks up at her and tugs on her shirt as if to say, “Sit down, Sissy!”  We’re trying every day to get them to say each other’s names, but for now, especially after naps or when getting up in the morning, they see each other and say “Sissy!” So cute. I’m also trying to get them interested in coloring.  We have our good days, we have our bad, as any artist can attest. Sometimes I draw them a picture, and I noticed that they try to pinpoint getting the color somewhat in or around the object.  Rachel is usually more into it than Claire, at least for now. On that note, it seems like Rachel is a clear right-hander, but I’m still not sure about Claire.  She switches back and forth, and I can’t get a clear picture of which hand she prefers when using her spoon or her crayon.  She looks horribly awkward using either one. Ambidextrous maybe?  Please, I just want ONE left hander!
R & C — where in the heck did my little 3 pound preemies go????

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  1. I can't believe how big they are getting. It seems like there is so much of a difference in the last 6 months. Way to go girls!! We love you and look forward to growing and playing with you for a very long time 🙂

  2. Time just flies…they are absolutely beautiful..messy hair or not! 😉 James hasn't even barely made the charts yet! So sad, little guy! He just made the 5% this past 12 month visit. The whole first year of his life, he was just under that line! 😉 I have to feed him more calories, but he already will down four pieces of pizza in one sitting. 😉 I guess it will catch up to him down the road. I can't wait to find out what your having…;)

  3. What sweet little angels. They are growing so fast!! I'm so glad they have caught up and are doing well!! I'm so excited to watch them continue to grow and interact with BT3!!!

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