It’s Wedding Season, Kids!

It has been wedding season, baby season, football season, you name it.  September and October have been busy months for us, seeing as everyone we know was either getting married or having a baby.  So let’s give a little run down on what we’ve been doing.

On October 3rd, our good friend Jamie got married to her fiancee Kris, and we were able to take the girls to their first wedding.  They had a blast.  Well, aside from not wanting to sit in our laps during the ceremony and me having to take both of them out into the lobby so they could run around, thus making me miss the ceremony.  Oh well.  Then we sent Christian through the buffet twice for our dinners, then barely got to eat them because C & R did NOT want to sit still.  I get it.  You’re 18 months.  You want to run, not sit.  But I want to eat.  And visit the candy table.  Anyways.  After we gave up on eating, we let them run around the dance floor (pre-dancing since everyone was still eating and talking) with all of the other kids.  The aisle and altar area was covered in red rose petals, which they all had a blast playing with, and all of the older little girls loved playing with R and C and showering them with rose petals.  Plus, our friend Avery was there to run around with us, so it was truly a blast. Until Rachel knocked over and broke a candle holder.  Then we had to go.

Claire with some rose petals and rock candy.  

New dress, new shoes, just to sit on the floor and play with pretty flowers.
The Three Musketeers: Avery, Claire, and Rachel
The gang: Chris, Lori, Avery, Leigh Ann, Rachel (looking crazy, I know), Christian, Claire, Reba, Baby Jonah, and Troy. Oh, how things have changed in the last couple of years.

The next weekend my best friend from high school, Asia, got married to her awesome fiancee Jason, and I was very honored and thrilled to be in the wedding as a bridesmaid.  It was a total blast from the past, as the other bridesmaids were all part of our little gang from back in the day.  She was a gorgeous bride, and I am so glad I not only got to be there to witness her marry her best friend and soulmate, but that I got to be such a big part of her special day.  *sniff sniff*

Old school friends: Jenny, Leigh Ann, and Jenny.  Jenny and Jenny are watching Asia walk down the aisle, and I’m trying to catch a glimpse of Jason’s reaction to seeing her in all her bridal glory.

The very happy couple actually getting a chance to eat at their own reception! Not the best pic of Jason, but professional photos are not in yet, and it was the only one I could find of the two of them!

First dance as hubby and wifey. They are such a great couple.

The gorgeous bride finally getting to breathe a sigh of relief…and looking forward to getting to breathe after getting out of that dress!

The girls did not go to this wedding with us, which was nice, but hard.  I had to be away for most of Friday evening for the rehearsal and almost all of Saturday for bridesmaid duties, and in order for Christian to join me at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, we had to leave bed time in someone else’s hands for the first time ever.  Talk about learning to let go.  But Mimi, Pop, Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Lori all did great at getting my girls fed and put to bed with no problems. Not to say it wasn’t hectic for them, I’m sure.  I was tickled when we got home from the wedding and Aunt Lori graced us with a bow of respect that we do this every day.  Luckily, it’s all we know.  🙂  Thanks everyone for taking such good care of my sweeties.
Yeah, that’s right.  We clean up good!

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  1. What great pictures! You looked so beautiful at Asia's wedding (just like every other day). You MUST send me the picture of all of us at Jamie's wedding, we don't get cleaned up at the same time very often.

  2. Everyone looks great!! I'm glad you got to be a part of all of that…it was really great getting to babysit the girls…especially with mine, makes me think I might not want any more…lol!!

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