Don’t Feed the Animals

Today was our multiples club’s Fall Festival at the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.  The zoo is not your typical zoo — it’s small, but has lots of cool animals ranging from your usual lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) to goats, llamas, and lots of things I had never heard of and didn’t even see because they never came out of hiding. Our twins group caused quite a stir at the zoo, as did our dressed-alike identical girls, who actually got a little video time from a fellow zoo patron.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t creepy.  We were talking with their family, and he went from taking video of the tigers to taking video of our little fairies for a few seconds.

The girls went in semi-costume, meaning they wore blue onesies, tights, and carried fairy wands.  The fairy wings stayed in the stroller, and we were minus a couple of tutus that our Aunt Michelle has been hard at work on and are sure to be beautiful.  But carrying them around the zoo or pushing in the stroller wasn’t really costume friendly, so all in all, it worked out well. 

Here’s a little show we put together so everyone could see what a good time we had!

PS: Sorry they are dressed alike and hard to tell apart.  Looks like C is usually on the left in most photos and R on the right.  The super cute smiley close up is Claire, and the super cute sleepy close up is Rachel.

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  1. ah… sweet photos. i'm glad you guys had fun. with their hair that way, they remind me of "abby" from seasame street. 🙂

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