Getting Their Climb On

It was bound to happen.

Someone help me.

Our coffee table that barricaded the girls from the DVD player and DVR has now become their newest toy. “Look we can climb! Now we can see Nemo up close!” Not cool, girls. Not cool.

Seriously, the past two days have been some of the hardest that I remember in a long time. And I can say that because I have completely blocked out the newborn days of 3 hour feedings, pumpings, and only getting to sleep for about an hour at a time.

Once they figured out how to get on that table, nothing would deter them. Not even putting it on its side.

Rachel is obsessed, I repeat OBSESSED with buttons. No turned-on-its-side coffee table will keep her away from her buttons.

Repeatedly taking one toddler off of a table and trying to reprimand her is one thing, but I found myself constantly saying, “NO CLIMBING!” over and over and over again, and it was a revolving door of pulling them off the table and putting them in time out. Rachel got a glimpse of the time out playpen, to which she is definitely not a regular. But she was these days, much to her own dismay.

So, needless to say, we did a bit of redecorating, removed the coffee table, and moved the DVR and DVD player up to a higher shelf.

And now I am seriously considering not even bothering with the Christmas tree this year.

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  1. My goodness! We have the same thing happening over here. I will post later what Creed did this morning. Climb, climb climb!

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