Night Night, Night Light

We may have entered a new phase of toddler-hood: the dreaded fear of the dark.

For 3 out of 7 nights the past week, Rachel had been terrified to go to bed, standing up in her crib and screaming and crying to the point of almost choking. She was happy to snuggle on the couch, pointing out Mommy’s eyes, nose, and mouth, and giving copious amounts of kisses (but not going to sleep). But going back to bed meant going back to the dark and the screaming and crying.

A fear of the dark, while seeming to come out of nowhere, definitely crossed my mind. Because of the layout of our house, leaving the door cracked wasn’t an option, because she would be able to see, or at least hear everything going on in the living room and kitchen, which would keep her up even more. Another mom mentioned that one of her girls developed a fear of the dark around 18 months, so they installed night lights in her room. It was worth a shot.

Introducing “Fuff-fly” the night light, and oh. my. gosh. do they love it. On Fuff-fly’s first night, bed time was a lot better, with a little whimpering and only seconds of crying. Fuff-fly was there to help. She’s even fun in the day time. Every time the we go into their room, the girls yell, “Fuff-fly!” and rush over to give it kisses. Now each night before going to bed, we have to say night night to our butterfly, and as Mommy turns the light out, we glance over to make sure she’s still there bringing us a comforting glow as we snuggle up in our beds and go to sleep.
Fuff-fly is definitely here to stay.

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