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This Sunday marks the beginning of my 29th week of my pregnancy with Zoe. I haven’t written much about this pregnancy, mainly because it’s been so painfully uninteresting and boring. But now that I am entering my third trimester, it’s getting a little harder, though still not all that interesting, and I needed to document some of what I’m going through, if only to remind me never to get pregnant again.*

I’ve received a lot of questions from friends and family about how this pregnancy compares to my twin pregnancy of old. “Is it easier?” they ask, and they are often surprised when I tell them that no, this pregnancy is way harder, as far as I can remember. Here’s a little comparison:

  • I had no morning sickness with my twin pregnancy, save for a little nausea caused by my prenatal vitamins, which was nixed when I started taking them at night. This time around, however, I had morning sickness, noon sickness, afternoon sickness, night sickness, midnight sickness… Crackers were my best friend, and many a morning Christian had to get up with the girls while I lay miserable in bed. He also had to start bathing them at night because the worst of it seemed to hit right at 6:30, leaving me huddled up and helpless on the couch. Now that the sickness is gone, he has continued to bathe them since I can’t really bend over the tub or lift them up to wash their little booties. I pitch in to help now and then so I don’t miss out on all those moments, but the butt washing is all him these days.
  • Oh, the fatigue! Yes, I was tired with my twin pregnancy, but this time it’s different. Back then I had to get up early and go to work, and while I’m sure I often got mega sleepy while sitting at my desk during slow times, I was up, dressed, and around lots of other people. That’s not to say that at the end of the day I didn’t come home and collapse on the couch or my bed though. Now combine that fatigue with the need to care for/entertain two little ones. Playing, diapering, dressing, feeding, cleaning…some days it has been all I can do to make it to nap time. Other days, I have had no choice but to lay in the middle of the floor for a few minutes, trying my best to stay at least half awake (for safety reasons) as they play around me. Once the first trimester was over and I gained a little energy back, I still had to convince myself to nap when they did, even if I wasn’t that tired. If I didn’t, I would be really sorry come 3 or 4 pm. Naps have taken precedence over everything else, much to the detriment of my housework, phone calls, and other things that need to be taken care of. But I’m sure things will get much easier when I’m not pregnant anymore and am taking care of a newborn. Riiiiiight.
  • Doing anything is a complete and total chore. Was it like this last time? I don’t really remember. But I do know that last time I wasn’t having to get up and down off the floor, and then up and down, and up and down, changing diapers, wiping noses, picking up toys. Whatever I need, it’s always just out of reach. Luckily the girls are getting very helpful and able to take direction these days, so I can often ask them to hand me that diaper/book/whatever that’s just a little too far away, and they will do it. Either that or they pick it up and take off running in the other direction, but usually they comply. And before this pregnancy, I didn’t mind going out and running errands. It got us out of the house, got the girls out and about, and helped get us through the morning to lunch and the coveted nap time. But nowadays, I resist getting out unless I absolutely have to, which stinks because I am not a homebody.
  • Picking them up or carrying them is getting really hard. And this makes me sad. I know it’s not forever, but I love to hold my girls.

Now there are things that I remember about my twin pregnancy that were definitely worse than this time. By this time in my twin pregnancy, my lungs had been squished so much that I could hardly breathe unless I was sitting upright, which made sleeping really hard — as if it wasn’t hard enough having to wake up and shift positions and/or go to the bathroom a gazillion times a night. I often had to sleep propped up by tons of pillows so that I could breathe and also so that the weight of my enormous belly didn’t crush me. My stomach was also squished to the size of a kidney bean, so eating was not enjoyable. And if I forgot to wear my maternity support belt, I was extremely bitchy.

29 weeks also marks when I was put on bed rest with preeclampsia, so I consider it a bit of a milestone this time around. Knocking on wood that everything remains normal, it will be strange to me to claim that I am 32, 35, even 38 weeks pregnant, since the only time I referred to those weeks last time was after my babies were born (preemies are often referred to by their gestational age in the NICU, not their real age). When I delivered at 31 weeks, I was the size of a woman 9 months pregnant with a singleton, with only 6 lbs, 12 oz of baby in me. I don’t know the agony that many of my twin mom friends describe of carrying 10-13 pound of baby in them.

So no, this pregnancy, while very different, has not been easier. In fact, it’s down right sucked. But I’m sure the fruit it bears will be just as sweet, and I can’t wait to meet her.

*I know all too many moms through my multiples group who for years and had many heartaches trying to get pregnant for me to be insensitive on this issue. Although it’s been hard, and I am not one of those women who enjoys being pregnant, I have to acknowledge how blessed we truly are.

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  1. Hang in there Girl!!! YOU ARE DOING GREAT AND ARE AMAZING!!! I know how hard it is to be pregnant with the third, and I am crazy to think I want to be pregnant with a fourth in a couple of years!! LOL I hope your Holidays are Merry and Your New Years is wonderful! Hang in there…HUGS

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