Soft Snores

Last night I got to sample a rare toddler mom moment. Rachel seemed to go to bed fine, but after 30 minutes or so, she was awake and crying — more of a guttural whining that seriously grinds at my nerves. After going in and holding her a couple of times, after which she refused to lay back down, I brought her out to the couch to lay in the darkness.

She was so very tired. She relaxed on my chest and tummy, only raising her head to give me a few very sleepy kisses. She had a hard time getting comfortable, but once we found our groove, she began to relax even more. I started gently patting her butt, like I used to do when she was a tiny baby and I was trying to get her to go to sleep, and within seconds I was listening to her soft snores under my chin.

I could have gotten up and put her back in bed, but I didn’t. It had been forever since she had fallen asleep on me like that, and who knows when the next time will be.

***Although listening to her not going to sleep now, “the next time” just might be tonight.***

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  1. sweet snores… i hear of these babies that sleep with mom and dad, but ours just won't sleep… it ends up party time.

  2. That is so precious!! Savor those moments, because you never know if you will get it again! I love moments like that. I remember when Cheyenne used to lay on my chest when she was first born. She won't do it now…I already miss that.

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