They are simple requests. A hand rubbed on the chest accompanying a sweet “Pease!” Please what? “Mik!” Milk. “Foot!” Fruit. A shake of the hands after dinner. Are you all done? “Uh!” Then after all done, “Nake!” Nake? Hmmm… Ok, well if you’re all done, let’s go play for a bit before bath. “Nake!” Nake? […]

31 Weeks

This past Sunday I rounded (no pun intended, although very round I am) 31 weeks in my Zoe pregnancy. 31 weeks is a huge milestone for us. C & R were delivered at exactly 31 weeks. Granted, things were different then, mainly that there were two of them, I was very sick, and my body […]

Ah, Christmas. It was much more exciting this year, since we knew that the girls would be able to get a lot more involved than they did last year. Last year they didn’t seem to have a clue as to what was going on, and they got totally overwhelmed by all the presents. This year…still […]