Out with 2009, in with 2010

2009 was, well, 2009. It flew by, and before I knew it, we were ushering in 2010. Looking at pictures of the girls from January and reflecting on what they were doing at the time, then looking at them now and seeing how far they have come, I am truly blown away. Here’s a breakdown of 9 awesome things we did in 2009. Most likely in no particular order.

9. We turned 1! We celebrated R & C’s first birthday in March, and it was truly a celebration. We have never forgotten how lucky we are to have two happy, healthy babies, despite their 9 week early delivery. We also got to celebrate the one year anniversary of our NICU discharge, after 5 long, hard weeks. Funny story: When I was holding one of the girls in the NICU one day and talking to her, I whispered in her ear that although the nurses and doctors told us to prepare for them to be there until their actual 40 week due date: May 26th (which is what they always say), I wanted them to try their hardest to be home by the end of April. They were discharged on April 30th.


8. We found new transportation. And I’m not talking about my new (to me) Explorer. Yes, we started walking at 15 months for Claire and 16 months for Rachel. They found their feet and never looked back. Then they learned how to climb…

Help me.

7. We got into some accidents. Learning to walk means you fall. A lot. Busted lips on coffee tables, scraped heads on concrete…it’s bound to happen.

C with a wicked busted lip after not one, but 2 run ins with the coffee table.

6. We had our first ER trip. It was Rachel, who woke up vomiting incessantly one night, and after 6 upchucks and 2 calls to the doctor, we were instructed to take her in. Several hours later, she was fine, nothing was wrong, and I was out $200 and a night’s sleep.

Poor, sick, sleepy, Pachey in the ER in January.

5. We welcomed a new cousin, Cheyenne! She was born in June, and she’s super cute and happy. Claire, who is obsessed with babies, loves checking her out and giving her kisses.

Nana and Grandpa Hamer and their brood, Cheyenne, Claire, Rachel, and Devon
4. Communication. We went from baby-ish babbles to conversational babbles, and now to words and understanding. This past summer we started teaching the girls sign language with Baby Signing Time videos, and it was amazing to see not only how quickly they picked it up, but also how nice it was to be able to start communicating with them. One of my first proud moments was when Claire came up to me signing and saying “more,” and when I asked her “More what?” she signed and said, “banana.” Ok she really just said “nana,” but with the accompanying sign, I knew exactly what she wanted — a snack, and believe me, it was such a great moment. Their words have exploded in the past 6 months, and not only can they relay things to me, they also show great understanding in things I say to them or ask them to do, such as bring me a particular item or go sit on their pillows when watching their shows.

3. Friends, friends, friends. The girls are so fun to take to play dates, and they really enjoy being around other kids. They’re always well behaved and well adjusted, venturing off to check out new toys and friends, only coming to check in with me every once in a while. We also started checking out story time at the library, which is an adventure with twins, and I’m hoping that as they get older they’ll stop wandering around the room and actually sit and listen to the story. Another milestone was hitting the park — by myself, mind you. We’ve met friends there and been with Daddy, but I took it upon myself a few times to get them there by myself, and they did great. Give them a sandbox, and they’re good.
Sandboxes, next best thing to the beach.

2. OBX 2009! We took the girls on their first plane ride out to North Carolina in June to visit Christian’s family in Raleigh, then drove to the Outer Banks where we had all rented a beach house for a week in Nag’s Head. It. Was. Awesome. Of course traveling with two 14 month olds was not easy, but we survived, and getting to visit with everyone was well, well worth it. First plane ride, first beach trip, first dip in the ocean, and the first of many golden tans that they will acquire in their lifetimes that prove they really do take after their dad more than me.
Water baby Claire. Rachel was a bit of a land lover at first, but one dip in the community pool was enough to convince her that the water was awesome.

1. Our OBX 2009 souvenir: Yes, 2009 also brought about something very scary — we found out that we were pregnant in late June/early July. A trip to the doctor confirmed that yes, we had our lovely vacation to thank for our surprise. Funny how they didn’t mention that in the brochure. It’s a girl, and Zoe is due in March of 2010, and we are so excited to welcome her…now that the shock has worn off.

2009 was a year of thrills, chills, and big surprises. We’ve had a blast watching R & C grow from cute babies into beautiful little girls, and are constantly amazed at everything they not only do, but everything they teach us about life, kindness, and love.

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