Phone Photos

I finally got around to uploading all of the photos from my phone. Here are a few of my favorites:

Fast asleep after a playdate with Jaxson & Turner.

Another fast asleep scene but with a funnier story. Claire is apparently terrified of out friend Chip, so to avoid looking at him, she squeezed her eyes shut and ended up falling asleep at lunch. He literally scared my child to sleep.

“Sup, fellas? Word.”
Downtown Austin Java birthday goodness with Aunt Michelle and Tristan
So cool in our “glassies.”
Ok, Rachel. I understand if you want to spend a day in your daddy’s shoes, but why in the heck are you in the kitchen? So not his domain.
Are our pants a little droopy? A bazillion toys and all they want to play with is the door hinge.
How perfect am I? Zo Zo Bean anxiously awaiting her first shots. Yuk.

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  1. Perfect pictures for a thankful Mother's Day. Enjoy the little darlings all you can. The pictures mean so much to us "far-aways".

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