Mother’s Day 2010

This Mother’s Day wasn’t about a lot of things. It wasn’t about the beautiful red roses I received. It wasn’t about the secret gift that is coming in the mail this week. It wasn’t about sleeping in (I didn’t), going out to a nice meal (we couldn’t), or getting to relax the entire day with my feet up (are you kidding me???).

It was about sweet “Hi Mommy!” ‘s that greeted me when I came into the room this morning. It was about spending time outside with my girls, drawing with sidewalk chalk and pushing them in the swings. It was about big smiles from my little baby.

It was about this:
And this:

And this sweet home made t-shirt I got:
Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms out there who work so hard. So we don’t get a paycheck at the end of the week, but we get paid in something far sweeter that lasts much longer.

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  1. OMG that was a funny post. That shirt is awesome/hilarious, is that for real? I expect you to wear that on Saturday…

  2. Well said! Happy Mother's Day Leigh Ann!
    P.S. The paychecks of love only last until they are about 10 or so:) Then my best guess is they come back when they have kids of their own…

  3. Well said, Leigh. Loving, caring moms like you are truly a blessing. The T-shirt is precious.

  4. How sweet!! I love the shirt. I definitely think SAHM have the best paycheck of all. Even though we still have stress, it's much easier to accept when our little ones smile at us and say "Mama" or "Hi" than just a boss saying "Good job" or "Why isn't this done?"

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