They Don’t Forget

Oh, no they don’t. Today was a cloudy, rainy day. One that means we can’t go outside like we usually do when Zoe naps in the AM. Stuck inside with two stir crazy toddlers. Actually, they handled it quite well. It was when Z woke up that I decided to turn on Nemo (read: If I don’t distract them, they will get into all kinds of things and quite possibly burn my house down. With crayons).

So we watched Nemo while I fed and entertained Zoe, since she insisted on being no more than 6 inches from me at all times. Yes, she’s happy to sit in her chair or under her play mat, as long as I am again no more than 6 inches from her face. We paused it during lunch, went back to watch it a little more until nap time, then paused it again to go take naps. Here’s the conversation Claire and I had when she woke up — before I even got her out of her bed:

Claire: “Hi!”
Me: “Hi! Did you have a good nap?”
Claire: “Be Mumo?” [Mumo us how they say Nemo, and for some reason every time they want something, the say “be.” Like “be too” means me too and “be help” means need help. No idea.]
Me: “You want to finish watching Nemo?”
Claire: “Uhkayyyyyy!”

So then we go to get Rachel out of bed and we play around on the floor for a little bit. Then again:

Claire: “Be Mumo?”
Rachel: “Beeeeee Mumo!”
Me: “You want to finish the movie?”
Claire: “Noooooooooo?”
Me: “You want to finish watching Nemo?”
Claire: “Uhkay! Watch!”

Now it wasn’t that long ago that something so simple as taking a nap would totally wipe the slate clean. Apparently not anymore. Ok. So I distract them with snacks. Give me a break — I try to reserve TV time for when I need to be tied up with Zoe, so I was holding out as long as I could, hoping they would hold out until she woke up. They kept asking, but I was also able to distract them with books. I know, I am awful, trying to get my children to do something educational instead of the zoning out they would rather do. But then I see Rachel flipping through one of her Gerald and Piggie books and hear this:

From Elephants Cannot Dance
What the book actually says: “Hello-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! We are ready to learn some moves!”
What Rachel says: “Hewooooooooo! [insert appropriate gibberish here] moose!”
Book: “More feeling! Keep trying! You are getting it!”
Rachel: [insert more gibberish as she looks intently at each page]

Ok I know she wasn’t really reading it, but I thought this was awesome. I mean, memorizing is one of the first steps to reading anyway, right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

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