This One Has Two parts

Part I

I always joked during my pregnancy that I couldn’t wait to have a glass of wine, or better yet, an ice cold beer. Yum. How relaxing would that be? Just sitting back, drinking my nice, cold beverage of choice, and catching up on the DVR.

Well guess what? I’m too damned tired. I’m exhausted after a long day of caring for a 3 month old in between playing outside, building with blocks, holding multiple dance parties, and playing multiple games of “GoGoGo,” the girls’ new favorite game in which they chase me around the couch and I eventually catch up to them and start chasing them. Loads of fun, and a lot more tiring than it should be. Someone’s out of shape. Ok it’s me. But at the end of the day, having only one drink makes me even more tired, and I don’t need that. I need to stay on my A-game until my head hits the pillow. I never know what the night is going to be like, and I don’t like surprises. Well, I do, but not “I’m going to bed because I’m about to pass out from fatigue, and the baby wakes up as soon as I lay down” surprises.

So no relaxing beer or glass of wine until she’s sleeping through the night. *sigh*

Part II

I may have sounded a tad insensitive in my last post, where I alluded that my friends who had singletons don’t realize how easy they have it. I didn’t mean to sound non sympathetic. See, I never knew what it was like to have just one child. I’m used to having two kids. It’s all I know. And all they know is only having one child. So for me to say that they have it so easy isn’t fair — having one child is all they know as well. And now that some of my singleton parent friends have added a second child to their families and are getting used to that dynamic, it would be easy for me to say that two kids is no big deal. Again, it’s all I know. But I have to remember that it is a big deal. Having two kids is hard. I often think that having two kids of different ages would be harder than having twins. At least mine, at the same age, have basically the same needs at the same time, like meals and naps. So I know that it would be easy for us to say, “Well, we have three now, so your two are easy peasy!” But it’s not. Not to them. And I need to remember that. Sure, if I magically did it over again, knowing what I know now, an had one at a time, I would think it was a snap. But if it’s all you know, then ignorance is bliss. I got to hang out with just Pachey and Zoe for a while this afternoon, and it was….well, easy. But that’s only coming from my perspective of usually having to deal with three. My three kids are their two kids. They have it just as hard as I do. We’re all making it work though.

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