Those Days

You know them. Oh, I’m having one of those days. They’re the days when you are lucky to even get to pour your coffee, much less finish drinking it before noon. The days when you keep having to remind yourself to actually go pee because every time you head to the bathroom you get sidelined by a toddler who desperately needs a snack lest she waste away before your very eyes or a baby who has just woken up from a painfully short nap. They’re the days when you feel like the person who designed Sesame Street to be a full hour is your true best friend. But you still wish it were longer.

They’re the days in which so little gets done that you feel like life is turning backwards. The days when you spend 120% of your time tending to someone else’s needs other than your own. Breakfast, dishes, snack, diapers, nursing, soothing to sleep, dressing (not yourself of course), pushing on swings, creating sidewalk chalk murals, straightening up books that have been swept off the shelves, repeatedly removing toddlers from tops of tables and chairs, lunch (still haven’t finished coffee), more dishes, more diapers, finally naps…silence…and finally getting to pee…then here we go again with more nursing, baby entertainment, turning to baby soothing, more diapers, snacks, getting out blocks, putting away blocks, explaining why we don’t throw blocks, more removing toddlers from tops of tables and chairs, picking up crayons strewn about after 2 minutes of coloring, fine we’ll turn on the “frog movie.”

It’s what’s for dinner, is it time for bed, why isn’t Daddy home yet? They’re the days when you try so hard not to lose your cool in front of your kids, but oh my God you are so done with this day.

It’s feeling so good to slide into bed at 11 pm. It’s hearing the baby stir and praying, “Don’t wake up…don’t wake up!” Even if that means she wakes up in an hour, you just want a little rest. It’s drifting off to sleep, thanking the big guy upstairs for getting you through this hellish day, and praying for more patience for the next. Because surely tomorrow is not going to be one of those days.
It’s thinking your daughter is coloring happily at the table when she is in fact coloring on herself.

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  1. I think just about every mom can relate to this post. We all have those days. Even though Cheyenne is a very happy baby and she's also getting very good at doing things she's told to do…"Cheyenne get away from the computer" "Cheyenne come away from the fireplace, we don't climb on the fireplace." among many others, there are some days that she just doesn't listen. I have the days when I find myself saying "is it naptime yet?" or "is it time for bed yet?" and have to just stop and put her in her walker with a Mum Mum and step away for a few minutes. I totally feel you on those days!

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