I can’t help but notice these days how different life is caring for one baby. Even though I’m also caring for toddler twins, having just one infant is so vastly different from having two. My parenting has evolved (and revolved) around her, because she is a different baby, and I have totally surprised myself in […]


R & C love to draw. And they love for me to draw for them. With sidewalk chalk, on magnadoodles, with crayons, it’s always the same request: “Happysad?” One happy face and one sad face side by side. They are obsessed with them and giggle uncontrollably as they scribble over my masterpieces. Being two brings […]

Huh? What?

They say the darndest things in their cute little voices, and I ask myself, “Where did hey hear that? Oh yeah…from me.” Things like: “Huh? What?” — because whenever they say something I can’t understand, I say, “Huh?” Then I realize I shouldn’t be saying huh? and quickly try to replace it with a “What?” […]