Big Weekend for Zoe
It’s been a few big and exciting days for little Zo Zo Bean. Friday night we finally made the move to her own room. I was surprised how emotional I was about it. For weeks I have been anxious to get my bed room back: not having to tiptoe through it to get ready for bed, being able to fold and put away laundry right away instead of letting it sit for days as I forget to put it away during her wakeful times, and my favorite, being able to go to bed with a good book and read myself sleepy. But as I fed her and got her ready for bed, I found myself looking for excuses to keep her close. Maybe just one more night. No, we had talked about this, and we needed to let her sleep in her own room. It was time. But I still got a little teary as I laid her tiny body in her big crib. It was just me. She was fine. She slept great. And I slept great. So great that Christian had to violently shake me awake when she was ready to eat at 2:45 am.

Dark room + bright flash = Stunned baby look

Saturday brought another big step for the Z-monster. Solid foods. We’re using the term “solid” loosely here, as her first meal was quite runny. But she was very responsive and anticipated each bite like a pro. So big.

Coming in for a bite…

What is this stuff?

I kinda like it…

Ending the meal with a smile.

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  1. She is SO CUTE!!