How one skinned knee turns into three band aids

We go for a lot of walks. Sans stroller these days. We’re clumsy, and we skin a lot of knees. And oh, the drama. The wailing. The tears. For a skinned knee. I’m pretty sure it’s all a lot of hoopla for one thing: a band aid.

So we clean it out, dry it off, and apply the band aid. And since I was a sucker for marketing, I bought the Sesame Street band aids (not Band Aid brand), and they totally suck. They don’t stick for anything! So then I have to apply a normal, bland Band Aid and top it off with a Sesame Street band aid. You know, just for looks. Oh, what’s that? Now Sissy needs one too, even though her skin is blemish free? So now not only am I a sucker for marketing, but I’m also a sucker for curly-haired cuteness that says, “Be band aid too!” So one skinned knee now equals three band aids.

Everything is about band aids these days. And Sesame Street. Claire has crushes on both Bert and Ernie (how is a girl to chose?), and was thrilled one evening to get an Ernie band aid after her walk. Thrilled, that is, until it was time to put on jammie pants, and oh. my. gosh I have not seen a sad face like that in a looooong time. Ok in all reality it was probably just since the day before that I had seen one, but the point is, she got seriously sad when we had to cover Ernie up and she wouldn’t be able to stare into his band aid eyes in the dark of her room. I had to work really hard to convince her that Ernie was still there and she could see him in the morning. She gave me a sniffley “Okaaaay…….,” went to sleep, and guess what she asked for first thing in the morning? Yup. Ernie.

And then three days later (and just about every day since), this is the conversation we have:

Claire: “Wha happen?” [holding up knee, thumb, arm, body part of the moment]
Me: “What happened?”
Claire: “Boo boo hurt?”
Me: “You have a boo boo?”
Claire: “Kiss it!”
Me: Mmmmmwa!
Claire: “Band aid?”
Me: “No, I don’t think you need a band aid.”
Claire: “Issa better?”
Me: “I think it’s all better.”

I love being a sucker.

Confession #1: It’s likely that only one of these twins actually has a boo boo.

Confession #2: OK neither of them does. These band aids were strictly for photo op purposes. What? Blogs are very visual and I needed something to drive the point home.

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  1. That is precious! Cheyenne is currently on a Blue's Clues kick. It's only on when she is sleeping, but I bought her a DVD for her birthday and here lately in the mornings before she even wants breakfast, she walks over to the DVD player and starts saying "Boo Boo" and signing Blue's Clues like they do on the show. She wants to watch it all day long. So I have to keep some shows on the DVR so we don't have to watch the same ones over and over. Then when we stop watching them, she eventually gets over it, but walks around saying "Boo Boo" and doing the hand gestures for about 10 minutes. Cute silly girl!

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