Birthdays, baby cages, and why crawling is overrated

Ever since October began, Big C has been working with the girls on saying “Happy birthday.” So for 2 weeks prior to my actual birthday (and about a week after), I would wake up or walk into a room and get greeted with “Happy birthday, Mommy!” or “Happy Birthday cake!” They seemed especially excited about […]


I took Claire to the pediatrician a few weeks ago for a random rash check (on the neck, not the nether region for those keeping tabs). I love love love our pediatrician, and she often asks me how things are going and how life is with our new 3 kid dynamic. We also talk often […]

One and the Same? Or Two and Completely Different?

A few months ago we were outside talking to our neighbors and one of them commented how funny it was that R & C have such different personalities. I nodded politely in agreement, when I really wanted to retort, “Well, um, they are two completely different people!” But are they? How different? How alike? And […]