Birthdays, baby cages, and why crawling is overrated

Ever since October began, Big C has been working with the girls on saying “Happy birthday.” So for 2 weeks prior to my actual birthday (and about a week after), I would wake up or walk into a room and get greeted with “Happy birthday, Mommy!” or “Happy Birthday cake!” They seemed especially excited about the cake. It was all too sweet to hear it every day, and especially on my actually birthday. But in lieu of getting a whole cake that would inevitably sit around and get eaten mostly by me, I opted for a trip to Hey Cupcake, a little stand that sells the most delicious cupcakes out of a shiny airstream trailer. R & C munched on a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, and my red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting was just this side of Heaven. I also got a tshirt, several iTunes gift cards, and this:

It’s hard to see, but it’s a necklace with all my girls’ names are hand stamped along the bottom of the circle.

Birthdays aside, it’s still a little hard to manage the dynamic of 2 crazy toddlers and 1 still somewhat fragile infant. R & C, mainly C, love to love on her, but when they love on her, they love on her. Rachel gives her hugs and sweet kisses on the head. Claire is a little more obsessive (or possessive), and almost always plops down next to her, getting nose to nose. She does a great job of entertaining her, smiling, giggling, showing her a toy, but she’s still not to trustworthy, and will give her a kiss one second, then shove her over the next. So I needed something to keep them separate, God forbid I should have to go pee or something. Enter the baby cage. Or as R & C inexplicably refer to it: “school.” No idea, but until I rigged it, they kept squeezing through it to get in there with Zoe and saying they were going to school. I guess they are already wary of the educational institution.

Sometimes this is what I really want to do. Is that wrong?

Zoe turned 8 months a few days ago. Still toothless, but drooling like crazy, and really no interest in crawling, but has an obsession with standing. We seem to be skipping some milestones here, kid. She sits, reaches for things, transfers to her tummy, and gets pissed! I take that back — she does crawl. Backwards. She gets all worked up because she’s mad at being on her tummy and doesn’t understand why this crazy lady is smiling at her and putting her favorite toy just out of her reach. And these darned legs just keep propelling her the wrong way. But she does, however, sit up from the tummy position (which took the girls forever to do), and we’ve even caught her pulling up on the crib and on the baby cage. Standing up! So big. Her dad swears he will have her walking by Christmas.
…And driving by New Years.

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  1. sometimes i wish i could babygate myself off from the boys. 😉 happy pre-birthday. love the necklace!

  2. That's funny! I first thought Zoe was in the gate with them. It took awhile to see her sitting on the floor!

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