File this under “who knew?”

The past week I have been doing more laundry than Leela on Sesame Street. Lots and lots of pee soaked laundry.

No, we are not potty training. Claire kind of has a fear of the potty. I think she’s faking. But it doesn’t matter because I’m holding off as long as I can.

But there has been no shortage of pee around here. Pee soaked diapers and pants within only an hour or so of changing, and Rachel waking up in the morning in a pool of her own fluids (I can’t stand the word urine…there, I said it) and soaking wet, and I mean soaking soaking wet jammies. Doesn’t seem to dampen her mood though. Get it? Hardy har har.

So we try to figure out the cause. It’s not just a leaky diaper. It’s a massively excessive amount of pee. I’ve never seen anything like it, save the time I drank a route 44 Dr Pepper en route to Dallas and refused to stop until I felt my bladder was going to rupture.

Big C mentions diabetes.

Diabetes? Really?

It is a symptom… but she really has no other signs. She’s not lethargic, and my back can assure you she’s not losing weight at an alarming rate.

Then a lightning bolt of genius strikes my husband (I know…keep the looks of shock on the downlow please).

We just started giving R&C gummy vitamins. Then the pee started a flowin. A quick Google search uncovered that large amounts of B6 can cause the body to rid itself of excess fluids. Apparently in the form of humongous 5 lb diapers and soaking wet jammies and sheets.

Their vitamins have an astounding 286% of their daily amount of B6. Seriously, who needs that much of anything that’s not either covered in chocolate or tradable for swanky merchandise?

Who knew? But I’m thankful it’s not a disease that’s going to make me give my daughter daily shots or God forbid deny her cookies.

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  1. Thank goodness for Dr. Google! Usually it makes people think they have something more serious; but this time, it saved your sanity!

  2. Huh… I feel as though I didn't pay enough attention to Sesame Street, as I have no memory of a woman who spent all her time doing laundry. But maybe I just had different focuses back then!

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