Little Hostesses

We had the pleasure of getting to visit with my dear Grammy and Pop at the end of October.

For years and years they have lived in Mission, TX, or “the valley,” where it’s nice and warm (except the time my sister and I paid them a visit, and we apparently brought the freezing Dallas temps with us), but they decided to make the move back up to the Dallas area in order to be close to their 4 sons and their families.

But they couldn’t head up the I-35 corridor without making a stop at Casa Torres. Even though we don’t live anywhere near I-35. At least they got a nice tour of the city as I tried to guide them to our house. *Ahem*

All in all, it was fantastic to see them. I hadn’t seen them since I was early pregnant with R&C, so it was a real treat!

Claire snuggling with Grammy.
What a fantastic shot! Zoe was being a little antisocial.
Ok, we’re done here.

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